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  1. Ozzboss

    Rename PDF to send to email

    So much help with the last question so I'll try my luck again lol. I have created a button on my form and used the following code to save a quote as a PDF and name it "
  2. D

    Add attachment to email from search result link

    I would like to add the option of emailing a plan as an attachment, once the user has searched for the plan. I have managed to work out the code to get the email to pop up (very chuffed about that! :D). I would now like to get the code to use the search result (See screen shot for example)...
  3. N

    Solved Create an Access mail merge to email from Outlook

    Hoi, I need to have access send on a daily basis emails to customers which the data is stored in a table. Any suggestions for the best way, can i just set up access to send the emails? and also attached two pdf files
  4. J

    email attachment with file name problem

    Hi all, I email my invoices as a pdf attachment from Access (2013). After a long search and tinkering, I found a method that the invoice no. is set up as the pdf file name. I do that with DoCmd.OpenReport strDocName, acViewPreview, , , acHidden Reports(strDocName).Caption =...
  5. E

    Box lines missing in report

    Good afternoon, I created a system in Access 2016 which my client has been successfully running for some time now. Her machine has Access 365, but when I install on her machine I remove all Access functionality and it has been 100%. As of today, no box borders are showing on any reports or...
  6. M

    Solved Creating individual reports and send to multiple customers via email

    Hi everyone I'm sending emails to customers selected from a listbox (Arnelgp was so kind to help me with this one 😉) I have two reports to create for each customer to be attached to the individual email. Each set of reports has data specific to each customer. I've added the report creating lines...
  7. HiTechCoach

    Open report using parameter passed by another procedure

    It is very easy to add the code to send the PDF as an email attachment after the PDF is saved. I use the exact same code to send emails. I just left out that part to allow you to use whatever method you want to use to send the emails. I generally send directly via a SMTP server because it is...
  8. arnelgp

    Multiple attachments stored in DB attached to Email

    the way i see your code is that your Attachment is a report (.pdf). using O.Attachments.Add will not work since, o is Outlook object and not MailItem. you should use M. do you need to add the Attachment fields to your email?
  9. G

    Email Gmail

    Hi all, just a revisit on emailing a PDF A user entered the incorrect password We received and error message but not the required message in term off "Incorrect password, pleas try again" Also, the code closed the form and continued with the process with out sending the email of Couse. I need...
  10. G


    Hi all, You have assisted in the past to code my email option I now had to amend as there are new recipients I need to add The new ecipients are from MaterialPlanner group, there are 2 recipients It nw seems that the code looks at these 2 lines and there are the 2 current user email entries...
  11. C

    Send email add message text

    I have a command button and onclick I want to email a report and add a message text. In a macro I can only do 1 line of text. I would like to add a message. This is part of what I have played with. But only the first line shows up. =[Parent Name] & “,” “Congratulations! Knik Tribe is...
  12. G

    Change name of exported report via VBA

    I'm using some simple code below to export an invoice and attach it to an email in outlook. The code also adds a default email subject and message. When using this code, the attached invoice retains the same file name as the report name in Access. I was wondering if there's a way in VBA to...
  13. Gasman

    Word mail merge / Access

    I think you will need to add a field to indicate what method to use. Then search here for email attachments. It has been asked numerous times. In those posts, is also how to use the email addresses. I assume you already have a field for the email address? Here Dick Look here
  14. T

    Emailing Multiple Invoices As Attachments To Different Email Addresses

    I have over 80 pdf reports that I need to email automatically. Do I need to run a program to open each report individually to email, each report is going to a different email address. Thank you in advance.
  15. A

    Solved Report link to Access email

    Hi All, I would like to seek your assistance on the output that I wanted to generate. I made a simple database2 with Table, Query,Form, Report to show the required assistance I needed. In form there is a button (Send Email) with VBA code to generate an outlook email but due to lack of my...
  16. T


    Im having trouble getting a web link in the body of my email. Any guidance? Private Sub email_DblClick(Cancel As Integer) STARTBODY = "<html><head><style type='text/css'> body { font: 11pt Calibri, Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; } </style></head><body> " ENDBODY =...
  17. Minty

    DoCmd Syntax

    I'm pretty sure it isn't. Access can't create a word document (well not in an report output easily), it can create a RTF, but that's not what's happening here. What happens if you open any other pdf file on your PC? It seems as if you have possibly set the file association for PDF's to open in...
  18. C

    VBA Copy File to Clipboard

    Hi, I'm sure this has been answered before but after a few hours of searching, I haven't found a solution. In Access I create an invoice and I then save it as a PDF so I have a record of it. That all works great. What I want to do is after the PDF is created, I want to copy the PDF FILE to...
  19. M

    Solved Creating individual reports and send to multiple customers via email

    Thank you for helping me out again. I do want to take this further by adding a HTML file as the body. I got code from but just want to check if I got it right. The code in blue are the bits I've added but there's something not...
  20. mike60smart

    DoCmd Syntax

    Hi Minty I changed the references for Outlook and the process now works. Only problem is the PDF in the Email is a Word Document with the extension .Pdf. When I open the attachment from the EMail it says Word is going to convert to PDF Format? Any thoughts as to why this is? Private Sub...
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