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    Give me some Advices

    hiii to all last week im get alternative job as an admin for the system in the corp. that i work in it . we have a server connected to 12 client computers. the OS of the Server computer is windows server 10 . the db is sql server . this is first time i work as an adminstrator to a system. i...
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    Solved How to update default value

    Hi to all I have a form to insert some data to orders table , i use default value for OrderDate field , another table tblDefaultDate designed special to store one record only contains a field of date datatype to use it as default value for orders orderdate default value . but when i change the...
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    Solved Allow zero length string property

    Hii all I use audit trail as the attached sample on some databases but i get read about allow zero length string property on text or memo datatype fields must be No, based on : But when i changes that property to no , there a problem on the action query...
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    Filter a form based on continuous form

    Hi all I want to filter the main form that displays a single record based on continuous form that may be displays multi records ,( not the current record on the continous form but on the displayed records ).
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    Sum for text datatype for some values.

    Hi all I have a continuous subform contains cboTestNo. txtresult Based on testsDetails tbl The textbox txtresult is text datatype . There is a condition Where If user select 4 and 5 and 9 together by cboTestNo, for same person (that is in the MainForm). The total of that values in the...
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    How to stop repeat code

    I have access db with a form ... contains some textboxes , comboboxes .... etc For some reasons i want to hide combocox ( cboEmploeeAcc ) , based on value of cboSantAg . I use : Private sub Form_Current() If me.cboSantAg=1 then Me.cboEmploeeAcc.visible=false Else...
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    Programming Icons

    Hiii all plz helps me to getting programming icons to use it on my applications as : arrows that refers to new , next, previous , first , last records , filter , search , print , view , etc ... . If you have some of them plz send it to my inbox on my profile or by email or give me a free...
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    Open my pc calendar page

    What is the code to open system calendar page to put new settings from access database form ? Note : i use windows 7 .
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    Control tip text

    Hi all I have a continous form has textboxes as : - OrderID - OrderDate - CustomName - Amount - etc.... I want a code when click any textbox to display a tip text for all this record (textboxes) as (control name :control value) . example : OrderID : 1 , OrderDate:01/10/2020...
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    Solved Error 2467

    Hi all When i am using this code for audit , i want to get the text on the label related to the controls ( not control name ) , it works good on the single forms , but gives error 2467 when using it on continuous forms . Option Compare Database Option Explicit Public Function...
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    Search Form

    Hi all I have a form to use for search . Because there a hundreds of thousands of records , i prefer to use a listbox than a continous form . How to use that as like the code that provided by allen browne:
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    Get linked control label Caption text

    How to get caption text of linked labels for every control on a form I have a form based on a table with this textboxes and combo boxes : - txtOrderID its linked label caption : Order Number - txtOrderDate: its linked label caption : Visit Date - cboCompanyNm : its linked label caption ...
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    Family tree

    hiii all dears i search for best way to build a family tree database , the best way that i found as in is by using one table only , i have design a table " tblPersonsData" with 4 fields : -PersonID : Primary key -FatherID -PersonName -PersonBirhDate...
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    Increase price by increased consumption

    Dear all I have a field " LtrsConsumed" on InvoiceTBL contains consumed water liters No. ..... Where consumption price in groups as: 1 to 200 liter * 1.5 Rials 201 to 500 liter * 2.0 Rials 501 to 1000 liter * 2.5 Rials 1001 to 2000 liter * 3.0 Rials More than 2000 liter * 3.5 Rials Stored...
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    compose a module to call from forms

    hiii all dears i have three forms , mainfrm , inside it OrdersSubFrm , inside it OrdDetSubFrm . i have a code to allert user if there are any changes , for any control in any form of this three forms. , after three days of the current date. i use this codes in the Form_BeforeUpdate event ...
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    Requery a listbox in Main form but stay on current Record

    Hiiii All I have a Form with Sub form , I add some data to sub form and then need to requery a listbox in Main form. i try : Dim lngPK As Long 'change data type if yours is different 'set variable to current record ID lngPK = Me.SerNo Me.Parent.ListOne.Requery 'Me.Requery 'return form to...
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    format a text box or combobox for new record only

    Hiii All i have a textbox , make format Like :@;"New Record" how to make its color red, only the word of New Record ? the default color for this record is black.
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    Compile error: label not defined

    Hiii All Dears I have read and try to do this in my db . this works good in forms and reports events.but i try to do in some special functions, but gives me "Compile error: label not defined " massage. please see my code: Public Function OldDts(SerAddDt...
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    Audit trail For three forms to the main frm

    hiii all dears I have three forms , - FrmA his recordsource is tbl1 - FrmB his recordsource is tbl2 - FrmC his recordsource is tbl2 FrmA is the Main Form FrmB is sub form inside FrmA FrmC is sub form inside FrmB and i have this code to return Changes in the forms: Public Function...
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    In AuditTrail Convert Control names to Caption

    Hiii all Dears i have a code that makes user changes in every table . i uses a special Names for my fields , for that i uses captions always. the code returns names of fields that changs , i want it to returns the caption of the field . Is that possible ? My code like this : Public...
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