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    Bob Larson has left

    The U.S. Order of the Purple Heart is the oldest military decoration in the United States. It was founded by George Washington. Currently, it is awarded for those members of the US Armed Forces who are wounded or Killed while on active duty in a war zone. Not everyone has one and the criteria...
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    Oh the Misery

    I was in the Orange Bowl in Miami in 1970 to see the second Dallas/Pittsburgh Super Bowl. While I am not a big fan of American football, the game was excellent. It see-sawed back and forth with both teams holding the lead for about the same amount of time. Late in the final period Pittsburgh...
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    Thread disappeared - no notice.

    What part of did you not understand. English is my third language and I got it.
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    Why are Americans so stupid?

    If they're Yanks, why would they use foreign language called Englander? :)
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    World Government

    One wonders why Hope, Flynn and Chaplin had to go to America in the first place. Artistic freedom, political sanctuary or those millions of Yankee dollars.:) You forgot my favourite, Sir Alfred Hitchcock. BTW Flynn was Tasmanian. Now to you and I that makes him an Austrailian but to a...
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    Euro Exchange Rate

    Personally, I would demand the British government get off their high horse and join the Euro parade. :D Sorry, that was probably less than helpful but I couldn't resist.
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    World Government

    Please explain again how this is different from the UN?
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    Does Michael Phelps swim Freestyle?

    Could not agree more Brian. A sport which depends on "judges" opens itself up to controversy (you give my participant a good score and I'll do the same for yours). Figure skating for example has been guilty of this for years. Watched a bit of the boxing final this AM. I forget the weight...
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    World Government

    I have often wondered why, if you are going to have a upper chamber where the true power is concentrated, why have a lower chamber at all? Your comment on "selfish" is the main problem. Why would Bermuda (for example) vote "aye" if there is nothing for Bermuda in the motion?
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    How to Report on a Field

    In your Report QUERY under the criteria for AddressID try [Forms]![formname]![Text313]
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    World Government

    You seem to overlook a very obvious problem with a world democratic government. That is the vast areas of this planet that when you tell people they will get to vote for their leaders, they will look at you with a blank expression and reply, "Vote? Whats a vote"?
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    Question How to control logins to access

    Dewsbury: Listen to Banana. He knows. As stated by max, the link he has offered you is probably the best guide around for security. I don't believe you can change the .mdw once the security is installed. Your best bet is to download the guide and read it. Then start again on a copy of the...
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    Does Michael Phelps swim Freestyle?

    A good place to start would be to cut the budget for American footaball in US we'll ever live to see that. If an American college recruits a runner from another country and that runner performs well for that college, then the contract has been fufilled. If that runner then...
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    War in Georgia

    Lets discuss one war at a time. :rolleyes:
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    War in Georgia

    Rich, there is currently a full blown shooting war going on there. Warnings about excessive force would be like handing out speeding tickets at an F1 race. The Russians have now restored "peace" in Ossetia but are continuing to march on Georgia. IMO they are planning to annex the whole place...
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    War in Georgia

    Funny isn't it. The Russians used the same "povocation" to invade other former Soviet republics. It appears that Moscow is bound and determined to re-unite the old Russian empire one way or another. The Georgian Army consists of approx. 100,000 troops, about 100 tanks, about 200 pieces of...
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    Hard to Believe

    Here's the latest on the Obama opponents lies parade. They are now claiming Obama was not born in the USA. Under the US Constitution, the president must be a native born American. Obama was born in Hawaii 1n 1963. Hawaii has been a US state since 1960. According to the story, Obama has his...
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    Dark Knight Trailer just released!

    Is the trailer about 40 minutes longer than it has to be? The movie certainly is.
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    Canadian annual seal clubbing

    Pity it upset him. He shows all the signs of a man who isn't getting any.
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    Canadian annual seal clubbing

    I don't recall anyone insisting that you communicate in the American idiom. However, you insist that everyone communicate in an idiom that meets your approval. Who's being arrogant? You insult people who live in your own country, not because of their use of language but because of their...
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