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    Solved How can I convert a password protected accdb to accde using VBA

    Hello Everyone , I use this code to convert unprotected accdb to accde : Function Convert() Dim sourcedb, targetdb, nametargetdb As String Dim MyPath As String MyPath = Application.CurrentProject.Path sourcedb = MyPath & "\Baseet.accdb" targetdb = "D:\tt2.accde" nametargetdb = MyPath &...
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    How to create a unique license key for my access database

    Hello everyone , I have a program which I need to distribute and need a way to create a unique license key for each device , What I have done so far is : I made a form in the db which pull HDD serial and CPU serial then combine them in one string with separator then encrypt the string using XOR...
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    Solved how to load picture to submenu ?

    Hello guys , I have this code Set cbCat = CommandBars.Add(conBarName, msoBarPopup, False, False) Set cbCatCtrl = cbCat.Controls.Add(msocontrolpopup) cbCatCtrl.Caption = "Open Form" Do While Not rsForms.EOF Set cbObjectCtrl = cbCatCtrl.Controls.Add() With cbObjectCtrl...
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    Solved Can i make a shortcut menu with levels ?

    Hello guys , I can do a standard shortcut menu with commandbars method but can i make a shortcut with levels like windows using VBA ? Thanks in Advance .
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    Solved How to use oldValue after updating the record in subform

    Hello Guys , I came across with this code , It is an audit trial code : Public Function WriteAudit(frm As Form, lngID As Long) As Boolean On Error GoTo err_WriteAudit Dim ctlC As Control Dim strSQL As String Dim bOK As Boolean bOK...
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    Solved How can i upload or download a file from Google Drive In VBA ?

    Hi guys , As the title i need to download and upload files directly to google drive with vba code without using synchronize folder as it will be used on different PCs . Thanks in advance
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    Solved how can i change color of certain characters in string ?

    Hello Guys , I have this table named TblCondition and a form that contains a textbox i need a way to colorize some characters in textbox which exists in the TblConditions . Example : Let’s say the form textbox contains this phrase "Hi my name is Amr 01002503...
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    Problem with query after adding WHERE Date Parameter

    Hello Guys , I have a problem with Query Result in the attached database. Short Version : I need the query named Result to sum the QtyOut from QrySales Like the Following hypothetical Dsum QryResult.[QtySold] = Dsum("[QtyOut]","QrySalesPlans","='"&[ProductCode]&'" And [Client]='"&[Client]&'"...
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    Need help to simplify query

    Hello guys , I have a query which need to simplify and still give the same result but faster , Please find attached query " Result " which joined with 4 sub queries , I need to cancel those 4 sub queries and still get the same result. Note: The attached database is a sample db , the main db...
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    DateAdd Problem

    Hi Guys , I need to add a numeric field value to a specific hour but i faced a #Func problem , what i need to do is add for example 3:20 hours to 8:00 AM the 3:20 is the result of the expression [DaysRemains]*24 : Hrs:DateAdd("H:N",[DaysRemains]*24,"8:00:00 AM") Where is the mistake , thanks
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    How to make objects groups

    Hi guys , Let’s say i have a 100 command buttons and images in an access form i need to deal with them as groups for example in English : Group1 includes commandbutton1 To Commandbutton10 and Image1 To Image10 me.group1.visible = false The result would be hide buttons from 1 To 10 and...
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    Problem with very slow query

    Hi Guys , I have a very slow query (Even slower in splitted database_be) tried every thing to speed it up but in no vain , Please find attached the query mentioned name ResultFinal . Thanks in advance
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    Need help to change table field name in every access object

    Hi guys is it possible to automatically update the name of a field in every access object (Queries-Forms-Reports-Vba Codes) ? if i change that field name in a table , I have a field name i need to change in one basic table in my database which mentioned in like 100 query, report , form , vba...
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    Problem with last record in ms access query

    Hello guys thanks for having me here , I have 3 Access queries , The first query (Q0) filters a table to get specific data : SELECT Table1.ID, Table1.Machine, Table1.Po, Table1.Priority, Table1.Zdate, Table1.Status FROM Table1 WHERE (((Table1.Status)<>"Not Needed")); The second query (Q1)...
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