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    show name in a combo box but store id

    hello, i have a table [coordinator] and table [program] linked together through table [coordinator_program] which contain primary keys of both.. i have a form with combo box that let the user choose the coordinator of program but it shows the id because the record source is coordinator id from...
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    How to update ID

    hello, i have a table with a relationship with other tables.. i want to update all table records id to be in order (it is already autonumber but i needed to delete some records so there is a gap) i dont want to keep the gap is there is anyway code to update all the records to be in order?
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    Solved how to listbox for specific record

    hi, i want to view all programs for a coordinator to appear in a listbox with other information such as year.. i wrote this command Dim stringCo as string StringCo = "SELECT [CoordinatorID],[year],[nameÌ],[Co_name]" & "FROM Qco" & _ "WHERE [CoordinatorID] = Me.CoordinatorID.Text"...
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    sort a list box from newest record to oldest

    hello, i have a list box including program name, year, code when the user click on the search bar the records pop up to the list box i want to sort the records from the newest one to the oldest (descending order) is there any way to set descending order in the setting or a code that will sort...
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    dropdown menu in subforms

    I have a subform where the user can insert trainer name and information (that related to a program) i want a way that the user know the trainer name already exists in the database so we willl not have a duplicated name.. for example dropdown menu in trainer name where the user can see the names...
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    How to delete main form record within the subforms record

    i have a control tab that include main form and subforum. what i want to do is when the user click on delete button it delete all the records from the forum and subforums and not the main forum only.
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    Tab controls

    I am using access 2016. is there is any way to set the tabs of the tab control on right side?
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    Solved insert a new record to the query by form

    hello I have a query I use it to search for programs and when the user click on it it populate a form with all program information Now I have another form to add new program and it add the information directly to the tables.. i want to add the new records to the query since the search and...
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    I want to create a form that will show to the user the record information (from multiple tables) and the user can modify it.. i tried to create one query including all the information but it become not updatable.. im now thinking to divide the query to multiple queries that will return all the...
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    queries is not updatable

    Hi all! I'm glad to be a new member here I am new in access... I had an issue that when I want to add a new record the textboxes are not updatable.. after searching I realize the query I use is not updatable too. I have around 6 tables and 3 composite tables in the query program_trainer...
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