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    Solved Not allowing user to delete record in subform (datasheet view)

    Hello everyone! Thanks in advance for giving your precious time to read my post. My Form has subform that has its source Record a Query for showing conditional data, the problem is that user can select record and press delete button from keyboard to delete record from that which i don't want...
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    Solved Now allowing Sub-form to update table based on condition in subfrom

    Hello Everyone! Thx in advance to read and reply my question and thanks to this site for providing opportunity for getting help. I have main form (FrmFabricReceive) and subform (SFrmTblFabricPieceEntry), I have set code in Subform so that if condition not met it will not run update code, But I...
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    Solved runtime error 3021 no current records

    I am getting said error in case when my loop is hitting situation having no data in table feild, i have searched on net and found that i need to insert if statement to check the set value is null. I tried but I am unable to find solution, see if anyone can help .. Thx in advance Private Sub...
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    Subform goes blank when add new record is pressed.

    1) I have a form and it has subform in it, 2) When old records are viewed it works fine. 3) The moment add new records is pressed the subform goes non-responsive (shows nothing in it). 4) Tried everything, A) Removed all my codes from both main form and subform, B) Checked...
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    Solved using dsum in update statement.

    1) Table 1 : TblOrder, 2) Table 2 : SubTblGreyFabricOrder, 3) Common field : "OrderID" in TblOrder and "OrderNumber" in SubTblGreyFabricOrder. 4) TblOrder has field : GreyPOQuantity which is in one to many relation with GreyPurchaseQualtity of Table SubTblGreyFabricOrder. 5) I want sum of...
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    Hi, I am new here.

    I am self learner and I am using my access database at my work place. I hope I will get my answers here that can boost my knowledge and solve my issues. Thanks, Ashish
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