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    Pulling similar data from same table

    Hello, I'm sort of new to creating Access queries and would like to see if I can get some help. I would like to know if it's possible to create a query to pull similar data sets from the same table or do I need to create a secondary query first. Below is my problem: The main table is called...
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    Mail Merge Many-to-One Relationships

    Hello, I'm rather new with creating mail merge letters. Requesting some help on creating a mail merge letter for one-to-many relationships. Replaced names for privacy for the scenario: Data Headers: 1. Shop Name 2. Related Shop Name (2nd store, but different shop name, but under same owner of...
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    Question Import specific data cells from excel into Access 2016

    Hello, I have an access database that one of the table column's data needs to be updated. There is existing data in this column, but there are a lot of empty cells previously. I need to update those empty cells now with the new data that I have in an excel spreadsheet. There is about 30k total...
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