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    Order By in Expression

    how to sort a field populated by expression? Created a filed TextLength using LEN([fieldname]; now need to sort the TextLength column by ascending or descending. However it is working. Please help.
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    Solved Rename Folders in Bulk

    Have to rename the folders in a location. New name as per data in a table below. Sample Data Old Name New Name 1234 ABCD 2345 EFGH 5678 SCHO 8937 MIBZ I managed to get the code for renaming the folder, however, this works for one folder only. I want to rename the folders as above...
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    Solved Met or Not Met - Group By with conditions

    Having a scenario where to auditors review and score different questions under few categories. I would like to mark the category as per the below criteria. if any of the questions in a particular category is "Not Complaint" then the category is "not compliant". If all the questions in the...
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    Solved Temporary Table in Shared Front End

    I use a temporary table to store values from the form and when the form closes, transfer temp data to another table and clear the temp table. This works fine if one user working on it. If multiple users working on the same front end, then throws a tricky scenario. How to solve this scenario...
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    DSum/DCount - Number of Unique records

    I would like to generate the number of category occurrences in a particular month for the below example table. I think it can be done via DSUM/DCOUNT but couldn't able to achieve. Please help. Category ItemName Month Fruits Apple 2021-08 Fruits Orange 2021-08 Veg Chilli 2021-08 Veg...
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    Solved Replace multiple spaces

    Replace(me.txtName," "," ") above code can be used to remove double spaces between two words in a string. However, if there are three or four spaces that randomly occurs, how can we strip all these extra spaces and keep only one space? Tried adding nested "replace" without success. Any...
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    Separate emails to multiple recipients with only items due on them

    Having a task list due on every user. Would like to send a reminder email to the respective users about their pending item and summary with a click of a button instead of sending one by one. Is this possible to achieve? kindly assist.
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    Solved Crashing while hitting enter button

    A search box is linked with a navigation form to filter the items. After inputting data in the search text box if I hit the enter button (habitual) the entire MS access not responding and crash. What would be the underlying reason? how to avoid this crash?
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    Export: Custom file name without folder path

    Via macro or VBA we can specify the file name with the location for the query or report export. I am exporting via macro but now the query or report picked up as the default name where the user can change while saving it. Question: in macro how to specify the export file name without specifying...
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    Solved Combine Fields without Duplicates

    How could we combine values in columns excluding duplicates (column-wise) and blanks? Duplicate check on column-wise only, not row-wise. Below is an example scenario. Please advise how we can achieve this. Sequencing of combined items not much important. There may be a preferred sequence to...
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    Solved Workaround for 255 fields in a "table" limit

    Understand tables can have a maximum of 255 fields. I have around 400 fields which all are unique and cannot be reduced by normalising. How this limit can be overcome without affecting any queries or forms linked? Thanks in advance.
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    Solved Group by Year and Month - Crosstab Query

    Would like to compare the monthly figures against each year. Have a totals/crosstab query grouped at month level like below. 2020-01 25 2020-02 50 2020-03 40 2021-01 20 2021-02 25 2021-03 35 However, I would like to have this in the below format Month 2020 2021 1 25 20 2 50 25 3 40 35...
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    Solved More than 100 comboboxes

    Final data taken out is in CSV format with all fields are coded like "1",2", "3" etc. There are more than 100 comboboxes with structured dropdown items. Comboboxes can be linked to tables or value list. Tables will be more helpful since queries can be built to describe the codes but value lists...
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    Decimal points only if it has decimal values. No decimal if it is a full number

    In the number filed having a mix of numbers like 1.35 or 0.22 or 3. However, I can see all with two digits including full number like 3.00 or no decimals for like 0.22 as 0. Which is the right format to solve this problem. Would like to see display decimal digits only if it having decimal value...
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    Solved Rename and Move Files to a Folder in Bulk

    Having few files with different extensions (pdf, doc etc) in a folder. Below sequence to be achieved. rename all the files in the source folder. as Me.textName with a random suffix for multiple files but all names should start with Me.textName without affecting the file type (random suffix...
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    Solved Check File Exists and move files to other folder - paste, replace and append files

    I tried looking at multiple places, but could not file specific information. How to find a file if exists without specifying file extension (like .pdf, .txt). Tried the below code found in this forum but an extension is required. If Dir("C:\YourFile.xml") = "" then msgbox "file does not...
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    Navigation Form - Where Clause Syntax

    Instead of creating duplicate forms and queries, we could use the "Navigation Where Clause" in the navigation form. I used this successfully when the filter parameter is always fixed. However, could not able to pass through the textbox value in the main form to the syntax successfully. Below...
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    Solved Crosstab Query - does not recognize as valid field name or expression

    while creating a crosstab query throws below error. The source is another query having a calculation. please help how to rectify this. Crosstab Query PARAMETERS qryKPIDataEntered.KPI_Code Text ( 255 ); TRANSFORM First(qryDataSequence.Calculation) AS FirstOfCalculation SELECT...
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    Solved Sorting Crosstab Query

    Having a problem while sorting the custom field (YYY-MM). checked many forum posts but looks complex for me. Please help me to sort based on the month and year. TRANSFORM Count(qryAll.ArrivalMode) AS CountOfArrivalMode SELECT Format([qryAll].[ArrivalDate],"yyyy/mmm") AS [Month] FROM qryAll GROUP...
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    Suppress "You can't save this record at this time"

    Inactive timer trying to quit the access app. However, the bound form has some fields left incomplete are set to "required". This prompts the message "You can't save this record at this time" which requires user input to click yes or not; until then the app is not closed which goes against...
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