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    on error the forms dont proper do their function

    Hello! why does forms behave wacky after an error on run time occurs even if its handled by the "error goto" ? but mostly how i can handle this wacky state ?
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    how to share the access back-end to multiple location

    Hello! currently we have a split FE BE access database on the main location while on the second location we are using windows remote/anydesk to connect to a virtual machine on the main location to use access_fe. More or less we are 10 users working on the database but sometimes the second...
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    Solved Set the order of report print

    Hello! Im trying to print the barcode in order by "ordine" (pic1) but the report preview doesnt follow the order of the records (pic2), i want it to print the empty barcode in order but the preview just mix them. The result of the print is in (pic3) I tried to set the order on the report...
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    combobox.setfocus "not working" on a continuos form

    Hello! im having a problem a with combobox.setfocus, this is the code that im running: Private Sub Combo0_Change() Me.Combo0.SetFocus Me.Combo0.RowSource = "SELECT taglio.[num taglio], taglio.[cod modello], taglio.Quantita, taglio.[data creazione] FROM taglio WHERE...
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    Solved access-VBA automaticaly add empty spaces

    Good Afternoon! im having a strange behavior in VBA, for some reason when i try to save a combobox value to a record it changes the value saved. The input is a combobox (Combo.0 need to change the name) with format "general number" and the record type is also a number but for whatever reason...
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    Solved Query date criteria

    Hello!! im trying to filter out a table based on a date range but it doesnt work right (check pics) here is the query im using: "INSERT INTO visua_ft_lvl1 ( [num taglio], [data creazione], [data fine taglio], stato, completato, Quantita, utente, [cod modello], [cod stampa], [num lab]...
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    Solved Split Database - table relationship problem

    Good Afternoon All! im doing the DB splitting in front_end and back_end, but i notice that in the front_end im missing the "table link" (check pictures) but besides that the rest seems to work fine. In the back_end everything is working fine. Details: in the front_end only one table has the...
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