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    Sub-form within a sub-form

    This might be a crazy question but, Sub-form within a sub-form - is this possible? If so, how?
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    Email completed form (active Word document) by pressing 'Submit' command button

    I've created a single page Word form using Developer text controls which is to be put on to our website and serve as a membership application form but, not being code-savvy, I'm finding picking through the different sets of VB code offered to get the job done to be a nightmare. The code will be...
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    Hyperlink in Access to Word Document

    Hi All I have an Access database within which two of its forms, apart from the fields you would expect to see, each have a multitude of hyperlinks, some linked to items within the database and some to either Word documents or templates. Two of the Word templates contain fill-in fields, and...
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    Mail Merge Headache

    Hi Guys Can anyone help with my mail merge headache? I had planned to do a mail merge starting with a Word main document and an Access database query as the data source, then moving into Outlook as the mail handler. In preparation, I created the Access query which filtered out all but the...
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    Chart Colours

    High Guys, I'm hoping you can help. I've created a report and on that a pie chart which is showing exactly what I want except for the colours of the pie chart sectors. There is no option to select the format tab in the chart settings pane (as suggested in the Help section) and although I can...
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    Forms Misbehaving

    High Guys I’ve created a Navigation form with 2 levels of horizontal tabs (currently 6 tabs). Each tab calls a ‘Search Form’ with fields devised to extract data from one of 5 different tables/queries. Clicking on a tab should open the form within the constraints of the area below the tabs (as...
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    Tabbed form

    Hi Guys If, after having created a tabbed form with one horizontal row of tabs (along the top) and a column of vertical tabs (to the left), you decide you would prefer a double row of horiizontal tabs along the top, how can this changed be made without rebuilding from scratch? Any...
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    Access and VBA

    Hi Guys I am currently building front ends to various databases for a local charity, on a voluntary basis. The databases are in Access and I have used both macros and VBA in the construction of the front ends. Part of the exercise involves convincing a couple on the committee that the...
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    Macros - Excel Personal Workbook

    Hi Guys Can anyone help with an Excel problem? Macros that I create in Excel must be saved to the Personal Workbook as they are used in conjunction with Reports which are created in and exported from Access. The problem is that when I now attempt to run a macro in Excel or in fact create a...
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    Hi Guys I use the DLookUp function as follows =DLookUp("[MarrRecUnitPrice]","SearchCharges","ID=1") as a function in a field on a report where the field displays the record-unit-rate for records retrieved from a large dstabase (first database) where unit rates are stored in a small table in...
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    Print part only of a report

    I have an inventory database within which I have created a grouped report to return records for all items based (grouped) on 'Location'. I need to print the records returned for a particular location at any one time. How would I do this? Help from the experts would be much apprceiated.
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    Form is too long

    I have an 'Alert' form (continuous form) set to pop up in front of the navigation form when the database opens with two hyperlinks set at the bottom edge of the form. Currently the length (vertical height) of the form is full height of the window which means that the hyperlinks are not visible...
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    Open Database

    I am using a modified Northwind database as one of my databases. This is set up so that when opened, an ‘Alert’ (a form) opens automatically. But another form also opens behind the alert form so that when you close the alert form the other form remains open. I am trying to replicate this in...
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    Conditional Formatting Problem

    Can anyone help please with a conditional formatting problem? I have a form where two adjacent fields are 'Requested Date' and 'Response Recd Date', as follows I want the background colour of the 'Requested Date' field to change where the value of the 'Response Recd' field 'Is Null' and the...
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    Test Due date

    Although I have been working with Access for a while, am still finding it challenging. Not sure what happened to my last post, but am still struggling with the following: I need to calculate a 'Test Due' date which is one year later than a 'Date Tested' date but as there are multiple 'Date...
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    Most recent date plus one year

    I need to find the most recent date in a 'Date Tested' field in a table of records relating to test history, then add one year to arrive at a 'Test Due Date' and display this on the 'Testing' page (subform) of an 'Asset Details' form (whilst there are multiple past test dates, there can be only...
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    Question Northwind database - Access

    I am trying to make changes to the sample Northwind database, specifically to change the colour of form headers from the standard orange to something else but the facility to edit the colour reference in the propery pane seems to somehow have been disabled. I would appreciate help with this.
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    'Delete' Query

    Hi All I have created a 'Find Duplicates' query where all of three fields in any record must match for records to be duplicates. I now want to create a 'Delete Duplicate' query to delete the 'unwanted' duplicates. I have tried following the Microsoft Help but the query I end up with wants to...
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    I have been trying unsuccessfully to re-size the boxes which contain data labels in an Access chart. I need the data labels to show value followed by %, separated by comma and space, with all characters side-by-side (not value above or below %). Pre-edit, some of the labels have characters...
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    Access as mail merge source

    I am running Office 2016 and have endeavoured to write a query which returns group members who have not resigned or died and use it as the data source for a mail-merge to produce mailing labels, but cannot successfully merge when initiating the process from Word. In a query called 'Address...
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