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  1. June7

    Blurry Headers

    Any idea why these column headers are blurry?
  2. June7

    Return to Top

    Have a 'return to top' button in thread. Like at UtterAccess and AccessForums. I prefer UtterAccess approach.
  3. June7

    Table builder, AutoSave, Return to Top, Solved marking

    Nice to have features: Table builder/edit tools at least on the Advanced post editor. Auto Save of reply during composing for recovery in case of accidental closure of thread window. Return to Top button. Allow any poster in thread to mark Solved.
  4. June7

    QRCode Image Generator

    This database developed from discussion in Offer no guarantees but it does seem to work nicely. At its core is an Excel workbook built by Johan Schoeman - his details are in the workbook. Be aware the workbook is password...
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