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    replace point in numbering by dash

    i want replace as 1. to 1-
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    listbox and searchbox and show result in form

    1-when select any stage display all schools to this stage 2- when search any school in search combo box and school display in list box and click the school display all data to this school in school frm and sub frm I want help thanks
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    error in result dcount query

    I attach courses Db I want to dcount sql course and date > #31/1/2020# in Sql query I want to dcount [sql and word] course and date > #31/1/2020# in sql_word query I tired but error display when run queries And I want instructions to write function in query Many thanks
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    error in code

    i want to correct vba code in form under save command when open form and click save massage display request write first name and last name and when i go to new record and click save command not request any thing and show massage save successful but no any record save in table thanks for you i...
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    scroll text in bar form caption

    i want create move text in caption form move form frist bar to end move from right to left
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    filter list box by radio button

    hello members i attach simple patient DB in search form.i set search text box in search form and i set radio button .the default radio in all i want when i select radio blood type between A or B or AB or O filter list box by blood type to search it i want help thanks
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    auto number with duplicate -first-last bench

    hello group i attach sample schooldb my request 1- Id-School without duplicate Id 2-Id-School duplicate Id to school 3-First bench and First bench in all school many thanks
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    marquee caption form

    hello members I attach login sample dd my request 1-set name of caption form in center bar form and marquee _ and Is it possible change size and color 2-change color of text hello in form by change colors 3-marquee "Hello Welcome to the members"from left to right as news bar thanks for members
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    Rounding the decimal number only

    I want to Rounding the decimal number only as show in column b by condition use round function Attach sample file by request
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    count records in search from

    I want to count this in form search by school search 1- count all record by school search 2- count device in Lab a as example 3- count Lcd device in Lab a 4- count datashow as kind sony i attach sample SchoolLabsDB many thanks for this group
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    Search Form error

    i create search form by useing vba but error display . i selected the error but i can't solve it . i attach jpg to error
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    search by keyword

    Good evening to all members I Attached is a simple database The target form "SearchFrm" I want to search in three fields when writing a letter. Note I do not want to use a search button. I tried to use the vba code under the search button. but i failed
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    filter listbox by textbox in form

    Good evening to all members,I Attached is a simple database my problem in form FrmTraining I want when write any (letter or number) in textbox the result show in list box note I designed when you click on any text in the list box showing filtering on the form Thanks good luck
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    total every 20 employees

    i want to calculate total every 20 employees without insert row after row 20 or without separate all employees. to print 20 employees in paper is it possible I attach file
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    Combo box& Query

    good day members i attach database- my problem in form first i create combo box when l select THE id FROM COMBO BOX and run query not found record second when i open form my combo box is not value i want when open form value equal the current id record in form very thanks members what is error
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    conditional formatting by or

    i want to conditional formatting to column A:C based jobs from c2:c6 , i attach file to example
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    Date of Pension auto

    i want to calculate the date of pension from (birth date + 50 years) auto when i open {Employee From} and Show Message box to count Employee reach date of pension not i attach simple database to example
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    I want hlep

    I attache simple file and my request in data sheet count student according to level In front of the teacher in sheet compare copy all student in Special teacher in your under sheets
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    2 column in page

    many thanks for members to help i attach student database and jpg to page from report i want insert column in page 2 in page 1 beside column in page 1
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    error in updatequery

    i create update query to update fieldname DateOfTraining to 1/1/1999 but display error in query Group_A 30/12/1899 where error i attach simple database
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