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    FE/BE Installation

    Please recommend a solution or commerical software for installing a FE/BE Access program to a network drive for the BE and one or more local PCs for the FE. Of course, BE tables will have to be linked to the FE. Detailed instructions for same are quite tedius and requires a comprehensive...
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    Use the NZ function to conver Nulls to 0. if any.
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    Keep field in main form highlighted after focus is lost

    Change/reset the control background color as approporiate.
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    Office 2007 & 2010

    No there isn't.
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    Bound form not saving data to table

    Forms bound to queries can be problematic. Queries can be and are often non-updatable record sets.
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    Conditional page break question

    Instead of using "Me," use Reports!YourReportname!YourControlName.
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    Finding Records with increased values

    Queries can't compare values of adjacent rows. Cycle through the table or query, row by row, with DAO or ADO code, comparing the current row against the previous row.
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    Criteria Problem?

    The criteria must be concantenanted by a ", #, or nothing at all, depending on the datatype of the "cbo_cat." If cbo_cat is bound column of the combobox, i.e. column(0), Select the correct column, not just co_cat.
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    ODBC connection problems to SQL Server

    Take a look at:
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    Scrolling with Mouse Scroll Wheel

    Click on the form, not a control on the form to scroll.
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    Cannot work out how to extend the layout to a new section

    Subreports are quite common. If they are not properly linked to the main report, no data will be displayed.
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    Distribution of the amount

    I would never open a posted database unless I knew the posted. Anyone that opens it is taking a significant risk.
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    Help with an expression

    I think that any null value will kill your calculation. To debug the calculation, put each iif component is a separate column in your (select) query and check for valid results. Each iif might have to be enclosed in an IsError function.
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    Something Im Making to make it easier to copy different excel sheets to MS acces

    It's not clear whether this code is in Excel or Access or exactly want you want to do. I would use the Access command "TranmsferSpreadsheet" to import Excel data. It does all the work for you. This may or may not be trivial. It will be trivia if you know the data. If not, import to a temporary...
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    Export table data using FreeFile

    Add a datestamp field to each table so a to be able to determine when a table has been updated. You may also want another datestamp field of when existing rows are updated. Cycle through the tables container and query each table for rows which have been created, or updated, as the case may be...
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    Notes Form

    Use an appropriate event to open the desired form with a subroutine. A button on the subform is probably appropriate because merely selecting a note is probably not what you want.
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    Question remove owner name in title

    I think that this is controlled by Microsoft Access and the "ownership" of Access software being executed, not the front end.
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    update backend split table

    Open the backend database and import the Excel sheet (menu External Data>Excel). Verify the name of the table and datatype of the the new table's columns. If the new table does not have a primaryt key, add one. In the fronend, import the new table (menu External Data>Access). If you have...
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    Access Printing options

    A receipt is merely a report in Access. Your "receipt printer" is selected usin the orint option and the report is the correct paper size.
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    Form option group - single click selects 3 options

    You option group is not correctly bouind to your form.
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