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    Subforms - odbc vs adp

    I'm just working on a project which include a form with sub forms. When I use linked tables to the SQL-Server and the Frontend database is on the same computer as the SQL-Server, form and sub forms moving speed between records is okay. But if the Frontend database is on another computer as the...
  2. J

    Hi Jon - take a look at that!

    Do you allow that?
  3. J

    Forum looks strange

    The forums look in strange Firefox, (version 3.6.13), since yesterday evening, is it only by me? Not all post is shown and name of the person who ask the question, pops up in most of the post. In Explore all is ok.
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    Hello from Denmark

    Hello everyone. I'm from the south of Denmark, the little country in north. :-) I've been used MS-Access since 1999 and have made many different databases in MS-Access. I like programming, also in different programming language as VBA. Else I like traveling to experience different...
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