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    Pasting Dates - Why do they become formatted as Time

    When pasting data from SQL Server query results into Excel, dates always become formatted as Time even when the column has already been explicitly formatted as Date. Office applications can make some really dumb decisions trying to second guess what is required but this one is ridiculous. The...
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    Unexpected error when CTE used in query

    I have a CTE I want to use in a big query. The CTE works perfectly. The big query works perfectly until I join in the simple subquery that uses the CTE. Once combined, the big query returns two records then throws an error: 'Cannot convert a char value to money. The char value has incorrect...
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    We upgraded our SQL server recently and today I found a feature we didn't have before that is making my life very easy. STRING_SPLIT is does what it says with a nominated deliminator just like VBA Split() except it returns a table with a separate record for each item.Microsoft introduced it in...
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    Access bug on Update queries

    Microsoft has advised of this Access bug in the recent updates. It affects UPDATE queries and displays an error saying the query is corrupt.
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    Porting Access VBA to VB.NET CLR Functions in SQL Server

    I posted this over in SQL Server section but it is relevant to Access developers interested in porting VBA functions for use in SQL Server back ends. Best add any discussion over there.
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    Porting Access VBA to VB.NET CLR Functions in SQL Server

    Today I opened a door in SQL Server and discovered a whole extra wing of machinery, particularly useful for Access VBA developers using SQL Server back ends. Turns out it is quite easy to port VBA code into SQL Server functions and gain a whole lot of performance improvement on the way. CLR...
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    Single User Mode

    I was having problems obtaining a lock on a table in a multiuser database. I connected as dbo via Management Studio on the host server machine and changed the Restrict Access Option to SINGLE_USER. The warning was displayed that all other connections would be dropped and the database then...
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    ConditionalFormat where values in two fields match

    Conditional Formatting a table. I want values in a field to be highlighted where they are equal to a value in the same record of another field. I know I have done something similar before and it automatically propagated to the whole field. I am pretty sure the expression changed to a field...
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    Trump on Pregnancy

    Giving birth in the ninth month is wrong and has to change.
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    Opening a New document from a template served by a browser

    Is there a way to serve an Office Template document via Internet Explorer so that the client's office application will open a new document based on the template without having to go through the extra step of downloading the template file to a location then double clicking it there? We have...
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    Bug/ Incorrect Documentation in WeekdayName()

    As documented, WeekDay() uses a default of Sunday for the first day of the week. The documentation for WeekDayName() also claims that its default for the first day of the week is Sunday. This is incorrect. In fact WeekDayName() uses the System Regional Setting for First Day of the Week. This...
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    Site problems

    Since yesterday my posts are dropping the carriage return/linefeeds as they post. I noticed this in IE11. I also cannot use the Insert Link button. This problem is with both IE11 and Chrome.
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    Edit OLE Embedded Word Document In Excel

    I am trying to edit a Word form letter embedded in an Excel 2010 spreadsheet. I seem to be ending up in a state somewhere between what happens when selecting Edit and Open from the Document Object context menu on the embedded object. With the code below I can get the document into a Word...
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    Rollover banner ads

    I know the site runs on advertising but I am finding the rollover banner ads quite annoying as I move to the menus from the body of the page. Are other uses getting this too? I guess if we are stuck with this arrangement then I will get accustomed to going around them.
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    MSSQL Server Studio Corrupts View

    When I use a CTE in a View, and open it in Design mode, MSSQL Server Studio 2008 says it cannot represent the SQL text in the grid and diagram panes. That wouldn't matter except it and strips out the first of the parts it can't handle (WITH whatever AS), turning perfectly valid SQL into...
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    Object Dependencies Tool

    I changed one of the base queries of many of my report queries from a local Access query to an SQL Server View. To be sure, I decided to check the Object Dependencies before I deleted the original base query. It still says the queries depend on the old base query yet the SQL clearly does not...
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    Substitute requested data

    The database has hundreds of thousands of records holding pdf files as Attachments. These files consist of the same header image and a few kb of actual text data that varies between them. I would like to reduce this by storing the pdfs with the text data and inserting the image on demand...
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    Criteria in Join

    SQL Server (2008R2 at least) queries support joins I have not seen before today when I discovered it in somoeone else's stored procedure. Criteria that would normally be in the Where clause can be included in the Join statement. (No. Access doesn't support it if you were wondering.;)) Are...
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    Does anyone else here ride a unicycle? I have two. A no brand 20 inch road model and a 20 inch Kris Holm muni.
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    Access Tab character bug

    Paste some text that includes a Tab character into a text field (or bound control on a form). Now try to edit the text. Guaranteed to do in the mind of an unsuspecting victim.:eek: (Access 2010, mdb file, Windows 7 Pro)
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