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    Sumifs with multiple Criteria

    Hi Forum, This Sumfs sums the sales amounts in Sheet Data Col D where customer name Sheet Data Col F matches with current sheet (Customers A7 - Works well. =SUMIFS(Data!$D$7:$D$150000,Data!$F$7:$F$150000, Customers!A7) This Sumfs is similar but sums all the sales amounts for 2019. Sheet Data...
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    Update Cells from Another Workbook

    Hi Forum, I have a Worksheet (A) with 50,000 plus rows and the records have been updated. Headings are Invoice Number, Part Number, Sell Price & Cost Price, Customer, plus the updated column. This Workbook / Worksheet is copied from another Workbook (B) that downloads from a Database. The...
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    KeyPad Error

    Hi Forum, Learning Excel VBA and I could not get code to run. Copied code from file and it worked. Trial and error proved the problem was my keyboard typing number one "1" was not accepted. The copied code 1 and my 1 look exactly the same but must be different behind the scene :eek: Anyone...
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    Investment Property Software

    Hi, I am looking for software to keep track of our investment properties income and expenditure. Anyone have suggestions on this. Want to avoid the monthly rental versions. Appreciate advice.
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    Copy New Data Only ??

    Hi Forum, Is it possible to Copy Rows from Workbook A to Workbook B where they do not already exist in Workbook B ? Workbook A is populated by MYSQL from a Database and overwrites data. Workbook B has 5 Columns from Workbook A. It would be great if the code to Copy from Workbook A to Workbook...
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    Find Cell Value. and perform Loop

    Hi Forum, I need to check records in an Excel 2016 file - Column D. If this is "X" Then I need to save the Cell Value Offset -4 - Column A to Variable "SORef" Then I need to Loop through all Rows in Column A with the same "SORef and change the Cell Value for Column D to "X" This may mean...
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    Hello from New Zealand

    Hi All, I have been away from this forum for a long time. Haven't used Access for a number of years - Time flys. Good to see some old names still posting. All the best from Tokoroa New Zealand. Bill
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    Form Control to display in Form or be invisible and other Controls to use space

    Hi Forum, MS Access 2010 accdb In a Continuous Form I want to Include (or Not) a memo under each record. If included, the Detail Height and a Line Top need to change ie, fill the space provided. This code is half working. it appears even thought the Text Box control is Not Visible and its...
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    Using TempVars for Form Open Criteria

    MS Access 2010 accdb - Using TempVars open forms either for New Record or Edit Record. Two sets of forms - One set works perfect but the other will not accept the criteria for New Record MsgBox checks confirm the Variables are still valid in the 2nd form Open Event yet the If Then does not work...
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    Fishbowl and or iReport Advice

    Hi Forum, We have Fishbowl Inventory and Manufacturing software at work and use iReport. If we need a New report or changes to an existing report, we are at the mercy of Paid Support. I can find a lot of reference to iReport being user friendly. Before I go charging around like a Bull in a...
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    How to Divide Recordset ?

    Hi Forum, MS Access 2010 ACDB. A VBA task is to run through some 8,000 loans and check them for Late Fees. his is very slow on our current PC and I thought of breaking the task into say 4 groups. This could be done by checking the next record and either Processing or going to the next record...
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    Building Management Solutions

    Hi Forum, I have been AWOL for a while renovating houses :banghead: One house is in a "mild" climate and we are insulating it well and installing a wood stove, with wetback. I want to make a warm air collector to pump heated air into the house on cold sunny days. The ideal solution would...
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    Video of our Moon House

    We are relocating from Raglan to Tokoroa (New Zealand) and this video was made of our Moon House. Sad to leave but life must go on:)
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    Row Source sql changes by itself

    MS Access 2010 accdb. We have a main form, frmLoanIssueData, and a number of sub forms. One subform, FrmRefinanceSubForm, has a combo box control with Row Source as this sql SELECT TBLAPPLOAN.APLPK, TBLAPPLOAN.APLACCDET, TBLLOAN.LDPK, tblLoanIssueStatus.IssueDate...
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    Some observations..

    Some observations today. Maybe I have too much spare time :eek: The thread on renewable energy only has 15 voters. Is this an indication our energy supply is not a concern ? or just not a gripping subject for database people ? Is it just me or are we having an increase in new members ? there...
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    Run a task Exclusivly

    Ms Access 2010 accdb. We have a Function that loops through records and identifies where a Late Fee May Be Charged. I want to change this slightly so it appends records to tblBulkLateFees and then the operator will review a Continuous Form clicking where No Late Fee should be charged this time...
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    Count Empty Continuous Form Records

    Ms Access 2010 accdb The age old issue of dealing with a continuous form when there may be no records. This is a SubForm. I have nearly resolved the issue by adding an unbound text box control on the form footer and code to the On Current event of the form. If Not (Me.Recordset.BOF And...
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    rst.RecordCount returns 1 when no records

    Ms Access 2010 accdb. What is happening here when 1 is returned as record count when there are no records :confused: Dim dbs As DAO.Database, rst As DAO.Recordset Dim lngOldLoanID As Long 'Loan ID to be Refinanced Set dbs = CurrentDb 'populate...
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    Additional Data on some records in continuous form

    Access 2010 accdb. A continuous Form has records of Loans Issued on a Date. It includes how the funds were issued and this works fine where One transfer was done. Where there may be two or more funds transfer records, it would be handy to have a 2nd or third row in the form (and report) that...
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    Combo Box Event advice

    Hi Forum, access 2010 accdb. I have a main form and continuous sub form. Left to Right on the subform, one control, if populated with "Refinance" and another control if populated with 0 (zero) then we want a combo box to be activated and allow data to be selected. How do I setup the events for...
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