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  1. pbaldy

    Curiosity regarding who's viewing

    It seems odd to me that given all the space available, the tool will only show 2 user names. Is that a setting that can be changed? Looks like up to 10 could fit on that line.
  2. pbaldy

    Access beginners group forming

    More info here, the organizers are top notch:
  3. pbaldy

    DNS problem?

    Another user and I are having the same problems accessing this site. We can get to it from some locations/computers, not from others. It appears to be a DNS problem. Just calling your attention to it in case there's anything you can do. Other users might not have the ability to try from...
  4. pbaldy

    New version of MZ-Tools available

    For those unfamiliar with MZ-Tools, it's a great add-in for any serious Access developer. The previous VBA version was free, but the cost of the new version will quickly be paid for in time saved. Below is from the folks at MZ-Tools: Announcing unified MZ-Tools 8.0 for Visual Studio, VBA...
  5. pbaldy

    What's new in Access 2016
  6. pbaldy

    Error with FollowHyperlink

    Okay, so I'm probably having a brain cramp. I have an application (2007 accde) that has been working for some time, this line specifically: Application.FollowHyperlink Me.txtAttachment On one users PC (XP Pro SP3), this has worked from day one. His PC got infected to the point that I had...
  7. pbaldy

    Automation corrupting Excel file

    Okay, I've stumped myself. I'm creating an automated routine to grab an attached Excel file out of an email and process it. I've done several successfully. The process up to saving the attachment is fine: outAttachment.SaveAsFile sFile If I go to Windows Explorer I can open the file. If I...
  8. pbaldy

    Golf vacation in Spain

    My wife and I are considering spending some time in southern Spain this spring, possibly including some golf (I enjoy the game, but she doesn't like to vacation without it). I wondered if anyone had any experience with the area that could give us some pointers. I've read that it's a popular...
  9. pbaldy

    Thoughts from UK members on where to live

    My daughter and son-in-law will be moving soon to the Lakenheath/Mildenhall area northeast of London. They will be looking to rent a home with a yard, since they have dog. I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts on specific towns/neighborhoods to look (or not look) at in that area. For that...
  10. pbaldy

    Training for tennis diet and exercise?

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  11. pbaldy

    jordan shoes

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  12. pbaldy

    Laptop external USB mouse problem

    My mom's Toshiba laptop is experiencing a weird problem. She has an external USB mouse that will work for a few minutes, then goes dead. Even while it's working, it will jump around a little erratically. I had her replace it, but 2 new ones have behaved the same way. They've all been...
  13. pbaldy

    Find last row from Access VBA

    I'm working with a series of Excel files from Access. I need to add a "total" column to an imported spreadsheet with no set number of rows. I know how to add a formula to the new column, but how to copy it down without knowing the last row?
  14. pbaldy

    London hotel recommendations?

    My wife and I are going to Italy in a week or so, and it so happens our travel arrangements leave us with an afternoon/evening in London before continuing the next morning. First can anyone recommend a reasonably priced hotel? We have to leave early in the morning, so I suppose somewhere not...
  15. pbaldy

    Outlook automation type mismatch

    Wondering if I have a version issue or something. The following snippit from a larger sub works great on my development machine, Access 2k & Office 2k. I get a type mismatch error on the set MyMail line when it runs on a PC with Access 2k Runtime and Outlook 2003. Dim MyOutlook As...
  16. pbaldy

    Overlapping dates

    Perhaps I'm having a brain cramp, but I'm having trouble coming up with a query to return people who are sick or on vacation at any point during a selected date range. I've attached a demo with a sample of the table in it. The important fields are OffStartDate and OffEndDate. I need to be...
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