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    Outlook macro to extract data from emails to .txt file

    Hi All, The below macro works fine and extract the data from emails into .txt file . The only thing not working is question number 3 "Do you think you’ll be able to start making your full monthly payments again after 3 months?" has got apostrophe sign and the macro is not considering it a...
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    Extract email body contents into .txt file

    Hi guys, I got the script to extract data from email body to .txt file working . But there is email field in the body which contains email address and it's getting stored into .txt file in the format HYPERLINK "" Is there any way I can change double...
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    Solved Remove 2 blank characters from account number in pdf file name

    Hi guys, I have written outlook vba code to save all the emails down in pdf format in a folder with specific naming conventions . The PDF file names need to start with Account number but when the files get saved down then there are 2 blank characters appearing in the beginning of file name . I...
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    Check if the first 9 characters of subject line is 'FORMIMAGE'

    Hi guys, I got the following code which will check the mailbox and extract data from them into .pdf and .txt file. I have to amend the script so it will check the subject line for each email and it should extract data from only those emails whose subject line start with 'FORMIMAGE' and ignore...
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    Extracting email into pdf format

    Hi guys I want to use outlook vba to save the email down as .pdf format . There is a 'Apps' folder within the mailbox so all the emails in that mailbox need to be converted into .pdf file and save down in a dedictaed folder . To note there are no attachments in the emails so just the body...
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    Outlook VBA code to check if mailbox exists

    Hi guys, I want to write the validation to check if the following mailbox exist in my outlook? Can anyone please help me with this? Dim olRecip As Outlook.Recipient Set olRecip = mynamespace.CreateRecipient("") Thanks,
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    Extract xml file data from outlook email

    Hi guys , I have recently made an outlook script working to extract data from email body to .txt file . For that one the email body contents were in structured format . Just wonderingcan we extract data from the outlook emails that has a HTML table in the email and a XML file that’s sent to...
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    Read email content and save the data down in database

    Hi guys, We got a request from client to built something that can read data from email attachment and save the data down in the database . Can you please shed any light on this ? How this can be achieved ? Thanks
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    data migration from MS Access to sql server - date issue

    Hi guys, I have migrated tables from MS Access to sql server and when I tried to run the forms (which are on MS Access) then they work fine most of the times but where there is date filter in the code it fails . Please see below the code (I had to format the date to make it working otherwise it...
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    SaveAs password protected document

    Hi guys, I have a word document which is password protected by someone . I want to copy it and make changes in it . But if I use SaveAs then again it is open as read only . Any help will be much appreciated . Thanks
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    Check if you on Wifi,LAN (office network) or using RAS at home

    Hi guys, My database is built in Access and it's been used by about 200 users . The users are aware of not using the system on Wifi or remotely but sometimes they still use wifi (sometimes they don't realize that their laptop is connected to Wifi at work ) so I want to build the functionality...
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    Test/dev and production environment

    Hi guys , I have been using ms access for years and for any small change requests from clients like adding value in lookup table etc.. I never made test environment ready and added values in production lookup tables straightaway. But in my company they want test , dev and production...
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    Table with 50000 records

    Hi guys, Are 50000 records too many for MS Access table? Will the performance increase if I delete the old records ? Many Thanks,
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    data migration to production (sql server)

    Hi guys, I have done data migration from ms access to sql server (in test environment) . The users have tested it ans it works fine. Now we are planning to migrate to production so I want to make sure all works fine in production with no issues . Can anyone please help me with implementation...
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    Bound forms with sql backend

    Hi guys, I have done data migration from Access to SQL server and the forms which are unbound work fine but the bound forms don't work ( no data gets saved down and pulled through ) As with Access backend , within bound forms automatically 'unique ref' gets stored within a field but now with...
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    Expresssion on click event

    Hi guys, I have been getting a very strange issue . My accdb works fine but when I make accde and run it (click on the button) then it gives 'expression on click' error message. I compiled my database but still the same issue . Any help will be much appreciated. Thanjks
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    data migration from Access to sql server

    Hi Guys, I got the database built in MS Access so both front-end and back-end are in MS Access . Now we have to migrate data from MS Access to sql server so we will be having MS Access frontend and sql server backend. I am facing few issues in this as below: 1. In MS access back-end, there...
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    Input mask on textbox

    Hi guys, I want an input box on the textbox so it will accept only 10 digits. It shouldn't allow users to enter less than or more than 10 digits. How can I achieve this using vba? Thanks
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    Backend conversion to sql server

    Hi Guys, I have a database built in MS Access so it has Access backend and Access frontend. Now we are thinking of converting Access backend to sql server. But there are few issues we are facing as below: 1. There are some tables in Access which has fields names with spaces in. So we will need...
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    Outlook VBA : Move email to a different folder

    Hi Guys I have written following code and it works fine if the 'Completed' folder is within My Inbox (Personnel folder) but in my outlook there are some other group folders as well so if I create 'Completed' folder within the group folder then the below code doesn't work. So I am looking for...
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