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    Form to handle duplicates

    I have a large inventory database. There is a table of type of object eg: "4 drawer Filing Cabinet". There are multiple duplicates of this due to misspelling "4 drawer Filing Carbinet" "4 drawer Filling Cabinet" "4 draw Filing Cabinet" The primary key of this table has then been used in other...
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    Extracting digits from Date of Birth

    Hi all I am stuck on what should be a simple problem. I am working with a database where the organisations unique ID for people starts with there date of birth in reverse order (yymmdd...) In the flow of my form it is easiest to enter date of birth first. In the after update event I would...
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    Simple intro

    Hi, I am from South Africa. I am a doctor and mainly use access to find efficient small database solutions for health care. I am a still a beginner in terms of using VBA to make interfaces more efficient
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