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  1. vhung

    Solved Accdb: Game Block Destroyer (see Guus2005)

    >it's been long time, i look for games like on Accdb >yes it can be >i edit some of it's mode/messages >it's a nice accdb game
  2. vhung

    Solved Accdb: Error Number List (see isladogs)

    Accdb has prompt error message when something has missed >using list of access error: error number and error description would help access user identify every error and probably find best solution posted on internet
  3. vhung

    Solved Accdb: Window sw_shownormal:minimized:maximixed (see isladogs)

    On accdb open the window always show at the back of first Form opened as background >i keep searching how to hide or minimized >finally found: isladogs has posted something in the year 2017 >but was qouted from Dev Ashish >'Usage Examples 'Maximize window: '...
  4. vhung

    Solved Accdb: Ribbon and NavigationPane, Unhide/hide

    >when you need to open you ribbon and navigation pane >try the codes below If [Command Prompt] = "rpview" Then DoCmd.SelectObject acTable, , True If Not (objPane Is Nothing) Then objPane.IsCollapsed = False End If DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Ribbon", acToolbarYes 'Yes or 'No MsgBox "Ribbon...
  5. vhung

    Solved Accdb: AllowMenus/ xmenus, edit/unedit

    >try this codes sometimes can simplfy it, if you apply this codes, you need to restart your open database, so you have to add codes for db auto restart "[Command Prompt] = "restrt" need codes to insert for shutdown and start again, or restart codes, or manual close then open again...
  6. vhung

    Solved Acddb: Filter item(s) not on the combo list

    >sample codes, very useful Dim strWhere As String Dim lngLen As Long If Not IsNull(Me.SelectPropertyName) Then strWhere = strWhere & "[PROPERTY TYPE] like ""*" & Me!SelectPropertyName & "*"" AND " End If lngLen = Len(strWhere) - 5 If lngLen <= 0 Then...
  7. vhung

    Solved Accdb: Web Browser (PDF viewer)

    >(access web browser won't work): edited, now it works... >but install Acrobat Reader then reactivate office/windows >works well, done >now could use both Web and Adobe
  8. vhung

    Solved Accdb: CreateRenameTable/AddChangeFieldName/EditFieldText/DeleteTableField

    Thanks AWF members with your posts... I gained ideas that allow my mind to know what i need to improve... I got my new Form I call it (Create, Add, Rename, Edit, Delete)5n1... (Updated) >(Add Table, Add Field, Rename Table, Rename Field, Edit Field - Text) >(Added code for AutoNumber [ID] field)...
  9. vhung

    MS Access School

    Hello, where can we enroll for MS Access mastery/experty, includes web page?
  10. vhung

    Solved Accdb: File Transfer (from path copy to path)

    How to transfer file from one folder to another or from C: to D: using vba codes... "on MSACCESS using two web browser on AccdbForm" <<<Dim FSO As Object Dim FromPath As String Dim ToPath As String>>> ...nice and quite good, now i have three ways of copy/transfer files using "My Accdb...
  11. vhung

    Solved Accdb: Web Script Error (see arnelgp)

    how to debug or fix the settings, to have a smooth browsing... >so nice open AWF on Accdb Web Browser
  12. vhung

    Little of Me

    im vg, vhung gabz, ms access database user for five years, quite good but not expert...
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