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  1. Rene vK

    Solved Setfocus to newly added record in subform

    I am using a separate, unreferenced, form to input a new record to a client-table. This extra form has a check-sequence before it will add the new record. Maybe it is a bit more work but the user can't add an empty record to the database. Sorry for the dutch example in the attachment :-)
  2. Rene vK

    Use 'Instr' to search through two fields

    Hello everybody, In my developing application I am making use of searchboxes to narrow down the amount of records. On a form I have a textbox and a subform with a table connected. In the textbox I can type a character that will be used in an 'Instr' SQL query. I am using the code to query one...
  3. Rene vK

    Hello fellow Access users

    Hello all, My name is Rene, from Rotterdam in the Netherlands. My main profession is in Engineering and with that I bump into Access/SQL server quite often. I am not a newby to building in Access and vba. One of the situations where we use Access is as a forfront to design-software that stores...
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