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  1. mresann

    Move Item in Listbox Function

    A common occurrence in working with Access interface forms is to be able to move a Listbox item up or down a list, sometimes to the top or bottom of the list. The programming for such a relatively benign function is involved. The Listbox must use a Row Source Type of Value/List with delimiters...
  2. mresann

    Obtain positions of text character string from text block

    This is a simple but handy function that allows you to obtain the positions of characters within a text block. Say you have a line of text, or block of text, as follows: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Now you would like to find the all the character positions of the letter “a” within...
  3. mresann

    Extract Text from Text Block

    In many cases, I’ve had the need to extract text from text blocks, such as HTML source pages, in a quick but highly comprehensive manner. The text is identified by providing the string for the text immediately to the left of the desired text, as well as providing the string for the text...
  4. mresann

    Automate processing of Western Names

    Perhaps the most fundamental reason for using a database is to process names. Specifically, a process that can automatically parse a name into its constituent name parts and provide a method in which names can be populated into their proper places is a great time-saver. For instance, if you...
  5. mresann

    Universal Return Particular Date Function

    There have been a couple of examples in this thread that has provided a return of a date from an occurrence of a particular day of the week, such as "3rd Wednesday in Month" function earlier. The idea was to simplify the function to a tight algorithm so it could be used for any Day of Week, as...
  6. mresann

    Create Subforms with Alternate Row Colors

    When you create an Access Report with a subreport control, you can use VBA to format the Detail section to create alternating colored rows. Unfortunately, subforms do not share the same versatility as subreports. However, you can create rows of alternating colors by adding a field to the query...
  7. mresann

    What version of Access do you use?

    Very General Question What version of Access do you use? And if you use Access 97, why do you choose to use that over that of Access 2000 or higher? I am curious to find out the reasons. As for me, I use Access 2003 all around.
  8. mresann

    Troubleshoot Code-generated Queries

    Just a small hint. When a query is created in VBA code, the smallest errors or ommissions can cause much time to be lost in troubleshooting, particularly with syntax. My suggestion is to create a string variable to hold the SQL string so it can be tested independently of the actual process...
  9. mresann

    Using Error Handling to Process Code

    This is not a specific problem, but a question I have in general about VBA code. I have seen a lot of examples from beginners to experts that use error code numbers to process a procedure, not just to trap an error. In my opinion, I consider it a very poor approach to code design. I wanted to...
  10. mresann

    Web browser properties/methods

    My turn to ask for help. I have a Web Browser Active X control on my form. I have two command buttons, cmdForward and cmdBack, which navigate to the previous or the next page, using the GoBack or GoFoward method of the browser property. How do I identify when I am at the beginning or the end...
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