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  1. DCrake

    Help with a pivot table layout

    Hi Guys I am looking for someone who is aufay with pivot tables. I have constructed a pivot table that has filters The data is the result of sales from various sites, each site has its own consumption. the detail is by product. I can get it to show the product name in the row but I also want...
  2. DCrake

    Mod value to get remainder

    Silly question, I want to find out what the remainder is from any given number. It may be 11.01, 3.24, 0.10,0.11, etc. I need to be able to split the value into two parts A everything before the decimal point B everything after the decimal point I need to retain the precision though Stried...
  3. DCrake

    Gaming sites

    Jon I don't mind putting up with adverts for Access related ads but I draw the line at Gaming web sites splashing up on screen.:mad:
  4. DCrake

    Interface with Mobile Phones

    I have been approached by a prospective client to write an application for them, fully bespoke, nothing special or out of the ordinary, however one of the comments they made was that they wanted to know if they could communicate with mobile phones? Essentially, nurses will be doing home visits...
  5. DCrake

    First attempt at Pivot table form

    This is my first venture into creating a pivot table view in A2007. My question is, is there anywhere where you can change the background colours and layout it seams a bit restrictive and unfriendly.
  6. DCrake

    Change Database password remotely

    This is another simple application that allows the user to change the password of a unconnected remote database. Steps: Select the database which is password protected Enter the existing database password Enter the new password Confirm new password Click "Reset Password" button to reset the...
  7. DCrake

    Final Solution to Application.FileSearch for 2007

    This has been discussed to death but has a final relsolution been reached? I want to use a filesearch in 2007 my previous code was Dim Example As Integer Dim dlg As FileDialog Set dlg = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker) With dlg .Title = "Select the database file to open"...
  8. DCrake

    VIN Verification Applet

    This is a simple little applet that contains a form that the user can enter a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) which is then verifed as being valid using a standard recognised algorithmn. There is supporting documentation included in the attachment.
  9. DCrake

    Auomaticically log out remote users

    Here is a simple demo that can log out remote users. I have included some points on the opening form, however the one thing to point out is that the apllication needs to have an application icon. In the demo the routine is looking for a text file in the current project path however in real...
  10. DCrake

    Did I make a fool of myself

    I have been a programmer in Access and VB6 for many years now, and until today I thought I was pretty skilled at it, thinkning off the top of my head and all that. Well today I had to see a company about a VB6 contract, and I was aware that he was going to test my skills. He brought out notepad...
  11. DCrake

    Access 2007 version of IsMDE

    In Earlier versions of Access I used a function called IsMde() to decide what type of file was running mdb v mde. The reason I did this was on my application close button it either .Quit for the Mde or .Close for the Mdb. Obviously the extensions have changed so inturn the code needs amending...
  12. DCrake

    Dynamic Subform control source

    I have a main form that contains a sub form and a list box, the list box will contain a list of tables from a database selected by the user. When the user clicks on a table in the list box I want the subform to show the contents of the chosen table in datasheet view. The issue I have is I...
  13. DCrake

    RunSavedImportExport Collections

    I am building a report generator and one of the options for the output is to PDF. I am using a saved import/export to handle this. The source of the saved export name is held in a table, This is entered by the user, now I want to be able to check whether the name entered into the table matches...
  14. DCrake

    Enable/Disable ribbon button commands

    When creating custom ribbons, at some points in the application I need to be able to enable and or disable the button commands. I know the syntax is enable = "false" or enable = "true", however How do you or can you do it in vba when the ribbon is active on the screen.
  15. DCrake

    MsFlexGrid alternative for A2007

    I have a VB app that I am redoing in 2007 and I use a MsFlexGrid, however when I try to select it Access says it does not support this activeX is there an alternative that anyone knows about that has similar functionaity.
  16. DCrake

    Subform Recordsource not responding

    I have a main form subform setup, Mainform unbound subform bound. I have a txtSearch textbox that is used to create a where condition for the subform. My Sql is built correctly, as I have tested the results in both a query and a count. The syntax is Me.SubformName.Form.RecordSource = StrSQL...
  17. DCrake

    Accdb opening as read only after deployment

    Just sent a client a copy of an accdb via Skype - usual procedure - anyway when they try to launch the accdb it is coming up with a read only message. What is the cause of this. Tried all the settings at my end. Does not do it for me. Not Trusted Locations, cannot replicate at my end. Any...
  18. DCrake

    Multiple Runtime versions on same machine

    Quick question. Lets say I create a runtime version of an application which is then installed on a machine. I then want to add another one to the same machine, my thoughts are that I only need to deploy the accde/mde to the machine and simply create a shortcut on the desktop that points to that...
  19. DCrake

    Happy New Year

    Can I be one of the first from the UK to wish all members of this forum a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2011 whereever you may be. David Crake
  20. DCrake

    Link Table Manager Issue

    I have a split database that may need tables to be relinked. I have proven code that does this. See Below. Anyway on this machine I do not have LTM enabled - must not have selected it when installed on machine. Anyway the code is failing and not refeshing the links. Could this be to do with the...
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