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  1. Minty

    SharePoint storage for FE database problem

    Hi All, and forgive my ignorance on all things SharePoint! We have a client who would like to store the current version of the Access FE file on share point as a central point for distribution to the end-users. This sounds really cool as we have access to this and can simply upload test...
  2. Minty

    Strange Un-editable Record with SQL Azure BE

    Hi All, I have a strange problem that I sort of know the answer to but wondered if anyone had a sensible workaround; Azure SQL back end. Simple client table with a number of fields including CreationDate. CreationDate has a SQL default value of Getdate() Once a record is created you cannot...
  3. Minty

    When switching to design view All other open forms CLOSE?

    I've never seen this behaviour before. I have a set of hierarchal forms that are opened in a chain, as you dig into the data. Forms are overlapping design not tabbed. frmMainClient¬frmClientChildData¬frmSubChildDataDetails So from the client form, you select a child item from a list and it...
  4. Minty

    Tab Control and Events - Total confusion

    Hi All, I've been battling with a conundrum for a while on and off, and am going to admit defeat, at least for now. I have a Main form that has two subforms on it. Form one on the left side is a list based continuous form, that drives the data available on SubForm 2. All very straight forward...
  5. Minty

    Weird Conditional Formatting Error

    Hi All, I've been struggling with this for a few hours and Mr Google hasn't helped so... I have a continuous subform that has CF applied to it to highlight certain rows. On the subform header I have a button to apply a sort on one column done in VBA. Clicking on it a second time reverses the...
  6. Minty

    The Slightly Obscure Music Discussion And Quizzy Thread

    As discussed in a previous Off Topic Thread I have started this as a place to discuss all things vaguely related to Music & Lyrics, and a quiz just for good measure. I need to start with a picture quiz so here goes - An easy peasy one to get things going. Lyrics and song please.
  7. Minty

    SQL Pass through query returning numbers as strings woes

    Evening all - I have a passthrough query that is generating a dynamic Pivot result. It has to be dynamic as the number and names of customers are fluid. The problem is that Access thinks the values are text. They are definitely cast as Decimal in SQL (Azure) but if I use the pass-through...
  8. Minty

    Solved Power Query Automation from Access

    Has anybody done any automation in Excel from Access using Power Query? I have a need to generate a load of transposed data as a final report output, and Power Query can do it easily. There isn't a great deal on the web about this or I'm having a bad Google day. The only slightly salient...
  9. Minty

    Access SQL Query -> T-SQL Query Conversion ?

    Hi All, Before I reinvent the wheel, has anyone written a text convertor that would take most of the pain out of moving a massive bunch of Access queries (25 databases with probably at least 500 queries!) into MS SQL Server T-Sql ? I use Textpad and think I can create a dictionary and macro's...
  10. Minty

    Site Down intermittently?

    I couldn't connect for 4-5 hours yesterday, and again this morning for an hour or so ? Yesterday it appeared it wasn't just me, anyone else having issues today? :confused:
  11. Minty

    Build Criteria Function

    Is it just me or has this function completely passed me by? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office/vba/api/access.application.buildcriteria I have never seen or even heard of it's use until I saw this thread...
  12. Minty

    Lost Specific Printer Settings

    This is more of a puzzled search for an explanation than a specific request for help. About 10 days ago, one of my internally distributed databases lost the printer settings for every report saved in it. This meant approximately 15 reports designed for a set of specific label printers all...
  13. Minty

    ADO Dis-connected recordset problem

    Hi All, I very rarely use ADO, but am playing with using a disconnected ADO recordset to populate a imitation "tree-view" sub-form (caused by a corporate switch to 64 bit Access, and 2016 version). Currently the form works but relies on a temporary local table currently - which means if I want...
  14. Minty

    Outlook Sender Permission Quandry

    Hi All, I have a strange situation that I can't seem to solve. We have staff that generate invoices in an access database that are emailed to end customers. We would like to send these from the accounts dept email, but the staff concerned only have SentAs permission in Exchange, not...
  15. Minty

    Setting up Printing to a Printer that you don't have connected?

    I'm not sure how to go about this, I need to create a modified copy of a report that is printed to a specific (Non default) Label printer. I don't have the printer in question connected and it isn't available as a share on our network. If I copy the report - and then edit it, the printer set...
  16. Minty

    Getting Double entries on posts?

    Is anyone else getting a warning that you need to wait 30 seconds between posts, but you have only pressed submit once, and it thinks you are trying to submit the same post again? Started happening about 11:00am UK time ? Edit - didn't happen on this post but has repeatedly on replies to...
  17. Minty

    Astea Service Database Platform

    Hi All, Does anyone have any experience with using / managing / peering at / administrating the Astea platform http://www.astea.com/en/default.aspx A system I have been developing / maintaining for a number of years is being replaced by this and I may need to urgently become an expert in its...
  18. Minty

    Base64 Image retrival / display

    I want to display / print a image stored in linked SQL Server database. The image in question is a signature captured from a html web based sign off form. The server data is a string (varchar(Max)) of the...
  19. Minty

    Process Status - Best Practice

    I may be answering my own question here but here goes; Over time I've inherited a number of systems that have a "current status" field. This is handled in two ways depending on the system in use; Method 1 - A single status field whose value is changed by other processes. Method 2 - A child...
  20. Minty

    Insert Query taking a long time to execute.

    Background - Access 2010 FE linked to SQL Server backend on Gigabit network. On one table only I have an insert query that takes many seconds to run from an unbound form into a table. It's only inserting one record. The table only has approx 34,000 records, has an identity primary key...
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