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  1. NauticalGent

    A light read if you have 3 minutes to waste

    This showed up in my feed today. What a waste of "jounalism"
  2. NauticalGent

    Lightning does strike twice sometimes!

    Well SportsFans, when I left Italy, I resigned myself to the reality that I would never be paid to play with Access again. Crystal, you are somewhat responsible so if you ever find yourself in mid-Virgina, drinks are on me!
  3. NauticalGent

    Television Mind Control

    A few years ago, the wife and I were deeply engrossed in a series called Breaking Bad. About mid-way through the 3rd season, I looked over at her and said, "You DO realize dear, that this show has us cheering on a drug-dealer?!?" Now, years later, Netflix has managed to have us a actually...
  4. NauticalGent

    High Light current record in a continuous form

    Good morning AWF, I found this thread from 2004 and although the attachment's instructions work as advertised, I find it hard to believe that this hack is the only way to achieve this result. So, the question is, now that 16 years has transpired, IS there a better way to do this? Thanks in...
  5. NauticalGent

    Solved Table Valued Function returning wrong results/empty record set

    Good morning AWF, With what began in this thread, I attempted my first TVF and although it partially works, I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. The name of the TVF is dbo.TVF_DashBoard and the only parameter is @CompDate (datetime) and I have the default value set to NULL. I call it...
  6. NauticalGent

    Editable VIEWS

    Good morning AWF. Being new to SQL Server, I was under the impression that SQL Views were only useful in returning a RecordSet that was read-only. This was disappointing because I really wanted to take advantage of Server-Side Filtering. I came across this article yesterday and couldn't wait...
  7. NauticalGent

    Making do

    A few years ago I was traveling to somewhere and my connecting flight took me through Munich. It was 9am and there were Germans having tall steins of BEER. Who the HELL drinks beer that early and with breakfast?!? The Germans do and they are on to something. My wife does not drink and making...
  8. NauticalGent

    Split Forms: Just. Say. NO!

    Trust me on this one, they are evil. That is all...
  9. NauticalGent

    Quick Access Toolbar

    Greetings AWF, I came across the thread from another forum and asked the author permission to share. I cant call it a "nifty" utility/bit of code because here at AWF, "nifty" is a reserved word, right @Uncle Gizmo?!? I'll let Crystal speak for herself...
  10. NauticalGent


    Something I noticed while quoting member's threads... When you are editing, the members number shows: We all gotta go someday...I had hoped my passing would be a little more cooler, but we dont get to choose everything, do we? Note: I had to alter the HTML tags to prevent formatting. As...
  11. NauticalGent

    Record Locking/Queue Based Applications

    @Uncle Gizmo posted this article on his FB page today. It is written by another member of AWF but I will leave it to that person to share their info. Good stuff!
  12. NauticalGent

    We were told this day was coming...

    This hit my inbox today. I wonder if VBA will eventually we affected as well? https://www.tomshardware.com/news/visual-basic-will-stall-out-with-net-5
  13. NauticalGent

    And the UK has a world champion again...

    Just watched the Wilder-Fury II rematch. Fury looked mighty impressive.
  14. NauticalGent

    Type Variables vs Class Modules

    Excellent article! https://analystcave.com/vba-the-vba-type/
  15. NauticalGent

    Fun in Faslane

    So it looks like my occupation is taking me to Faslane next month. Anyone know what's worth doing there?
  16. NauticalGent

    A good programmer is a lazy programmer

    Interesting article... https://levelup.gitconnected.com/a-good-programmer-is-a-lazy-programmer-8982b2d971bb
  17. NauticalGent

    Working offline

    I have searched the forum and some threads are close to addressing my issue but I am hoping for a better answer here. Bottom Line: I am looking for a way for users to work offline if the server is down and then synch changes when the server is up. I have researched and found some ideas but I...
  18. NauticalGent

    Yeah, MajP took my lunch money

    Dude, I have been messed with by the best. What you did ranks right on up there! I am STILL laughing... For now...
  19. NauticalGent

    Interesting article

  20. NauticalGent

    This guy...

    ...is my hero! ]
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