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  1. NauticalGent

    Access over remote network - SQL server or Sharepoint Lists?

    I've done both and SQL Server is hands down superior. Microsoft has pretty much given up on the Access and SharePoint affair so I would stay away if at all possible.
  2. NauticalGent

    AITD - Am I the dinosaur?

    Welcome aboard!
  3. NauticalGent


    Sounds like an external IT issue and not an actual Access problem...?
  4. NauticalGent

    Access World Forums - Stats Update

  5. NauticalGent

    Access World Forums - Stats Update

    Probably nothing tangible at first except the good will feeling that comes from rendering assistance. You are probably right about the unpalatable bit too. Just thought I could chime in with unsolicited advice!
  6. NauticalGent

    Access World Forums - Stats Update

    Since you asked me my opinion :rolleyes:... I would say offer your services - IF - the Admin there would be willing to accept help. It could be the beginning of a beneficial symbiotic relationship.
  7. NauticalGent

    Access World Forums - Stats Update

    Change is a slippery slope.
  8. NauticalGent

    Trouble with Migration Assistant V 8.14

    English is not his first language even though he speaks it very well - sometimes he comes across differently then he intended. I was in the US Navy for over 20 years. When I was courting my wife, she referred to me as her Nautical Gentleman...
  9. NauticalGent

    Trouble with Migration Assistant V 8.14

    Arnel is not a rude person, but I will let him reply if he feels the need to explain himself!
  10. NauticalGent

    Solved Weight Conversion

    Can you give an example?
  11. NauticalGent

    Trouble with Migration Assistant V 8.14

    Good morning Thales, I have no suggestions as you seem to know what you are doing and the only migration I have done was when you used to be able to do it from within Access. Giving a reply to let you know the thread is alive and hopefully give it a "bump" to get things moving...
  12. NauticalGent

    mutual disrespect

    I know the feeling, can't throw that stone!
  13. NauticalGent

    mutual disrespect

    Pearls before swine
  14. NauticalGent

    mutual disrespect

    Reading his posts, I hear that girl from American Pie; "This one time, at band camp..."
  15. NauticalGent

    A light read if you have 3 minutes to waste

    Why am I not surprised??
  16. NauticalGent

    A light read if you have 3 minutes to waste

    This showed up in my feed today. What a waste of "jounalism"
  17. NauticalGent

    MS Access Tutorials to Non Tech Persons

    Concur with @isladogs suggestion!
  18. NauticalGent

    Stepping Down

    Not wasting good ammo. Rock salt would be a better choice!
  19. NauticalGent

    Stepping Down

    He must have been a stout individual...that is a big gun!
  20. NauticalGent

    Excel - Obsolete?

    Glad I read the replies first! I am not a huge fan of excel, mainly because of its over and mis use as a database. That being said, excel cannot be beat when It comes to doing what it does best.
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