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  1. sportsguy

    Solved I am not an idiot but

    I have a table, built from an excel source file to paste the excel data into (everything in this f* company is in excel) One of the field names is "EE_Status", short text 10 I cannot for the life of me, get the column to show up up in normal view, it shows up in design view, but not in the...
  2. sportsguy

    Naming a VBA selected range

    so far, All examples have failed, and yet, I don't exactly know why. I have extracted data from a SQL Server onto a tab named DATA, the row count will be different each time, but the column count is fixed. I highlight the data and am trying to assign the highlighted range to the name PIVOTDATA...
  3. sportsguy

    Agent Job Error running SSIS package importing Access database table

    Hack SQLSERVER 2016 dba here, ie, not technically certified, but have enough experience to create properly designed tables, indexes, view queries, security users, schemas, procedures, and running all procedures from O365 ms Access from a button. However, I can't get a local file system SSMS...
  4. sportsguy

    Trying to Link Azure server hosted locally to Access

    I used the sql server native 11 ODBC driver, but I can't open any columns with a decimal column type. Is there a different ODBC driver I can use, or any settings, or do I need to set the columns to currenty or long or something Access will recognize? I have set the columns in the security area...
  5. sportsguy

    Office 365 Access 32 bit fails to compact a *.mdb database

    not repairing and compacting an Access 2003 *.mdb file, even when mt. Error message is "Selected collating sequence not supported with the specified file format." Any suggestions? Registry, retirement, lottery to put me out of my misery? thanks sportsguy
  6. sportsguy

    Getting Error 3035 System resource exceeded.

    good afternoon readers! I have manual queries which run just fine, but in the following sub, the second append query blows up and give the error 3035 System resource exceeded. :banghead: so I am asking for the experts' help. The data is copied from excel and pasted into a form in table...
  7. sportsguy

    Moving tables to Custom Folders

    Is there any VBA which has been written to move tables into custom folders? I have some VBA which deletes and reattaches tables which makes people saving the front end and back ends to their local drives from the network a single click. I use it when moving tables from front end dev to back...
  8. sportsguy

    System resources exceeded -> really??

    Access 2010 x32, Windows 7 x64 FE db size 35M BE db size 1.5G single table made a table from BE in FE with 25K records. deleted records after creation keyed table, ran same query as append to same table Error message System Resources exceeded How can I fix the issue? hotfix applied, error...
  9. sportsguy

    Form Before Update Cancel Event doesn't work

    I have a data entry form based on a query on a table with primary keys. I am using before update to validate that there is data in the fields before saving. When the fields are null, the error message comes up, but then the form tries to save the record and I get error 2015 - Private Sub...
  10. sportsguy

    Groupby/Sum query on a union query

    I have an MS 2010 Access union query running off of a single SQLSERVER 2012 table, and the query runs fine. All the output columns are aligned. I the first three columns are the fiscal week, location and the invoice number The next two columns are the invoiced amount, and the Balance remaining...
  11. sportsguy

    Trying to solve the SQL SERVER extract to MS access Date time import Conundrum?

    SQLSERVER text extract for datetime has a text format with milliseconds. '2015-07-13 15:20:25.0000' MS Access link table format can't handle more than 19 characters, or the period and anything to the right of the period. Exporting the SQLSERVER date time as LEFT(CREATED_DATETIME,19) as text...
  12. sportsguy

    Removing a section of a string

    Good Afternoon to people east of the USA Central Time Zone! I have a workday headcount extract, and I mention Workday because their extracts suck! The extract comes out in only two choices, pdf or .xls So I am copying and pasting the output into an access database to design the tables prior to...
  13. sportsguy

    DoCmd works in Immediate window, not in Sub

    Why does the DoCmd.TransferDatabase work in the Immediate window, but not in the Sub, which has always worked in the past? :confused: Public tblname As String Public tblNewname As Variant Public pstrDatabasePath As String Public Const dbType As String = "Microsoft Access" Public Sub...
  14. sportsguy

    Date input mask

    I have an excel spreadsheet i want to copy and paste into a pre-formatted table, and the excel date format is integer YYYYMMDD or today is 20140825 I can't get the input mast in MS Access 2007 to create that ! any suggestions? thanks sportsguy
  15. sportsguy

    Access 2007 Validation taking minutes

    Everytime I close, open, modify, etc, you get my drift, either a linked table or an in database table, Access validation takes minutes before I can continue. What can I do to reduce this time or process? thanks sportsguy
  16. sportsguy

    Date Error using Excel Link in Access

    I have linked an excel spreadsheet within access, and a particular field is formatted as data. If one of the column cells is MT, (empty), then the view returns #num error. Question is how to trap that error to convert to a date or null, or something else? thanks in advance. . . sportsguy
  17. sportsguy

    Append query taking almost hours

    I have an append query from an SQL Server db to a local table, three fields, one key field in each, and 20,000 records takes about 30 minutes, with the database alternating between not responding and running every 5 seconds. . . . . my XP machine would have this done in less than 1 minute my...
  18. sportsguy

    Formatting Controls' Font

    I am trying to color all controls which have a value of 0 as grey, to be less obvious to the observant's eye, and the remaining controls with the values greater than ZERO as black. . . ctlDetail.Value = 0 doesn't work, what am i missing?? Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer...
  19. sportsguy

    No Current Record in query

    I have been using access for over twenty years, and I am stumped at this one. I have a query with a table, with several FK fields, and a total, two where clauses, and a sum >=25000 run the query, all is fine I link a FK to an attribute1 description table with key field, equal join run the...
  20. sportsguy

    Writing vbAND function

    greetings everyone from new england where we will get the second significant snow storm since oct 31 last year. I want to write a vbAND function for access which works like the AND(condition1, condition2) in excel. But before I start, does anyone know of one already written? the query...
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