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    Access speed on new server much slower than old

    I've found various questions about Access speed over a remote connection but can't find one that quite covers this problem. Apologies if I've missed it. Until two weeks ago, we had a load of databases on a shared drive (P:\). They were set up with a shared back end and each user having their...
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    ODBC Error for one user after upgrading to Windows 10 Access 2016

    Our company just upgraded everyone from Access 2010 on a Windows 7 device to Access 2016 on a Windows 10 device. One of the problems encountered is as follows, but only happens to one person, which has me puzzled. There is a line of code in a few of the databases that uses a global password and...
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    Solved Setting up ODBC data sources for accdb files in Windows 10

    Does anyone have any experience of adding a driver for accdb files under Windows 10? I'm testing out Qlik View with Access which means, for the first time, I'm trying to install a 32-bit driver on my home PC. The steps I used were as follows: I open the Control panel I click on 'Set up ODBC...
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    Qlik View

    I was wondering if any of the esteemed users on here have had any experience of using Qlik View with Access or other dbs? I've been informed that my department has a few Qlik View Server licenses, we're just not currently using them. My manager is toying with the idea of me getting a Qlik View...
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    Upgrading from MS Access 2013 to 2016, incrementally

    Our IT department has decided that the whole company is to upgrade from Access 2013 to 2016. Unfortunately, this will be done over a 7 - 10 day period, meaning that some people will be running 16 while others are still running 13. Everyone has their own front end file, so the fact that the...
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    Changing color for multiple characters in a report

    I found the following online and after a couple of tweaks it works well to highlight each instance of a single word in the 'Synopsis' field of a report. Sub Highlight_Keywords() Dim RstKey As Recordset Dim strSearch As String Dim strTemp As String Dim strTempEnd As String...
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    Access not detecting correct version of Outlook

    I have Access 2010 installed. I also have Outlook 2016 installed. The different versions are a company decision and I have no say in it. I'm making an attempt at creating a data collection form that will let me gather information received via emails directly into a new db. I've found a tutorial...
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    Access acting as if query is not present, just after telling me it is

    The following section of code comes from an Access function. In brief, it checks if a query is present (using another function) and - if so - exports it to a new worksheet in a previously created Excel file. This code works perfectly some of the time. If QueryExists(strSheetNameNew)...
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    Can an Access db 'detect' when a user locks a PC?

    In order to prevent the pain that is an unknown user being in a database when I need to make a fix/upgrade, I've built the following into the various databases we use: 1. If a db is idle for 15 minutes, it closes 2. If I want to 'kick' someone, I can do it by setting a field in a table to true...
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    Is it possible to identify the last time an object was used?

    We have a number of databases that contain many, many queries and I'd like to delete those that nobody has used for a while. I've eliminated from consideration all those that are a source for some other object but I'm still left with a lot. I can identify various properties of Access objects...
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    Controlling IBM DB2 from Access

    A number of our databases connect to remote data sources via ODBC. These connections are configured using the IBM DB2 application. A recurring problem I have is that the department building the laptops for our staff often fail to do the configuring correctly, resulting in my needing to do it...
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    Order when cycling through form controls

    This may seem like an odd question, but it's puzzling me. I have the following code behind a button on a form Dim ctl as Control For Each ctl In Me.Controls MsgBox ctl.name Next ctl What I'm curious about is the order in which the fields are cycled through. Is it always...
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    'No current record' on dataset with hundreds of records

    I'm hoping someone can explain to me - in a way that, say, an idiot could understand - how Access determines that it has reached the end of a record set? I'm running the following code strSQL = "SELECT PQS_Response_Data.Ownership_Period, PQS_Response_Data.Model_Year, " & _...
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    Calculate day count across months without double counting

    I have a table with bookings in it. Each booking has a Date Out, a Date In and the name of the person involved. I want to produce a report of the number of days each person has a vehicle booked per month. Where I'm running into a problem where a booking crosses from one month to the next. For...
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    Using VBA to insert a value to a web page

    Via research on this site and using Google, I've put together a Sub procedure to open the web page for tracking Purolator parcels. However, I'm not having much luck in working out how to input the parcel number to be tracked. By commenting out various lines, I've found that all other lines work...
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    Conditional formatting (sort of?)

    I have a form that opens in 'Continuous Forms' view. I know how to have different text fields appear in different colours, based on the value of one of the text fields. Where I'm getting stuck is on trying to set the colour of all text fields for a given record to the value STORED in one of the...
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    Macro won't allow me to quit Access

    I have a number of macros in a number of databases. The last action in each one is QuitAccess. These are all scheduled to run overnight and used to work fine. Lately, we've added a new PC and - if run on the new PC - each macro now fails on the QuitAccess step, with the error message: The...
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    Shell function not working for one user

    The following function is in the front end of a database used by four people plus myself. We all share the same front end, so references, etc. are unchanged. For all bar one of us, it works fine: 1. It checks if a file for a particular VIN is in a folder for a particular Dealer, which is in...
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    Using Google Translate

    I've been playing with a function I found online which uses Google Translate to convert French text to English. It works but has the following problems: 1. Speed varies dramatically, from a few seconds to minutes. Some of this may be the internet connection within the company, as it does...
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    Autonumbers (question, not problem)

    One of my users has a database they created a couple of years ago. A table within it has an autonumber as the primary key. During testing, he got as far as 200 records, which were then deleted after the first 'live' use (yes, they should have been deleted beforehand, but they weren't). This...
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