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  1. RainLover

    Front-End vs Back-End Question

    This is an old thread that I have been trying to find the time to write an answer. The original question is located here. http://www.access-programmers.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=272900 I started a new thread so as not to get confused with other people's posts. I first wrote this about 3...
  2. RainLover

    When is a Database Finished. Where do I stop.

    Programming is: Phase 1 Design Coding Testing, Testing, Testing Find what does not work Phase 2 More Design More Coding More Testing, Testing, Testing Find what does not work now repeat Phase 2 until you do not find an more issues. Phase 3 Give the app to the end users End...
  3. RainLover

    JPG Files show incorrec photo.

    JPG Files show incorrect photo. These JPGs should show the actual pic and not be all the same. If I change the size to something bigger then they show correctly. This is in Windows Explorer. How to I bring these back to normal...
  4. RainLover

    Indexing. When does it happen.

    http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1108/how-does-database-indexing-work That was just an introduction and a link to the source. :) :) :) :) What I would like to know is when is the Index applied. A Field needs to be reindexed whenever a record is either created or edited. Is this index...
  5. RainLover

    Format Date as Day. Mon, Tue, Wed etc

    I have no idea what I am doing wrong here. I have a Query. DateTracked is a field from the Table. It is of Data Type Date/Time, Formatted as Medium Date. There are other Fields. Like Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Problem. I want to display in a separate Column "DateTracked" as a day of...
  6. RainLover

    Remote Data to be collated

    I have 4 sites one of which is head Office. Each has a Database that records among other stuff the hours an employee works. Roughly 10 per site. One site is the Head Office where the payroll is processed. I want to get the Data contained in the table Employee times and send them to HO so...
  7. RainLover

    Site Problems

    Is anyone else having problems with AWF interface. If I click on Quick Links I get taken somewhere but do not know where I am. I cannot download a full list of today's posts. There are other problems but this should be enough to get the point across.
  8. RainLover

    Question Library v Folder.

    I have never given this one before but what is the difference between a Library and a Folder. Where are they both used?
  9. RainLover

    Windows locked.

    I have a two page word document that has just run over the standard A4 in size. I know this can be done but do not know how. Can someone help. My first page has just rolled over into my second page by a few documents. I would like to have the command "Shrink to Fit" or something like that.
  10. RainLover

    Grand Final

    For those who are interested we have our Grand Final this afternoon. You may be able to watch live. This is a very different game to what you are used to. I believe the game is now promoted in the US.
  11. RainLover

    Damaged Hard drive external

    I plugged in an external hard drive. It took a while, like 30 minutes or so, for me to be able to see the drive in Windows Explorer. See only, because the moment I click on any file the screen goes feint and then things freeze up. I am running Windows 7. Does any one have a trick or...
  12. RainLover

    ChrisO - Sad Announcement

    Make new friends but don't forget the old. For some are silver and some are gold. Chris was a Golden friend of mine. Chris O'Brien passed away peacefully today 18th July 2014 at 12:45. PM.
  13. RainLover

    X Tree Gold

    Does anyone have any recent experience with X Tree. I used it under DOS and it was great. I believe it has gone belly up but you can still get a copy. (Legally) I just don't want to mess up my current system if there is a problem. A question for the senior community I would think.
  14. RainLover

    Download Attachment

    http://www.access-programmers.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?p=1312195#post1312195 In post # 8 I have an attachment which is a 2003 database. Problem is that I cannot download it. I have had a few attempts of uploading and downloading but the download is a .php file. Is anyone else able to...
  15. RainLover

    The Ashes. 2014. Come On Aussie. Come On.

    The First Test starts in about 12 hours at the Gabba. FYI It is really Wooloongabba which is situated on the southern side of the river/city of Brisbane. Brisbane has been having lots of afternoon storms of late with some hail. The biggest hail has been about the size of a golf ball. I said...
  16. RainLover

    Window 7 and IE 11

    I have had some issues with IE10 and am now upgrading to IE11. Has anyone started using IE11 and do you have any comments, good or bad.
  17. RainLover

    Count Down Clock

    Hi Guys. I can do this in Access but I would prefer a simple App/Gadget. I would like to display at all times a Count down to a special event. For example a clock that gives me the Days Hours and Minutes until Christmas. There are a lot of gadgets available but I simply cannot find one...
  18. RainLover

    Ashes The Third Test

    I was most impressed to find that Austrralia looks set to win the Third Test which starts tonight, our time. I have also heard that there is a good chance of Australia winning the series. This information comes from a very reliable source.
  19. RainLover

    My old version failed in 2007.

    As a bit of a discussion, mainly for the longer term people. Those with Access programs written in 97 through to 2003. Have you had any programs that have faild when run under later versions. Like 2007 to 2013. I have had one and it was an easy fix. Is this a big problem or just a very...
  20. RainLover

    Windows 8 and Access 2007

    I have no way of checking this myself. I received a phone call from a friend who has a problem. Please tell me if Access 2007 will run on Windows 8 or do I need 2010. Thanks
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