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    Property Problem

    Hello, I am building some classes, and I have run into a problem that I don't understand. The compile errors out on the Private Property Let Description line. If anyone could point out what the problem is, I would be extremely grateful! =] Kindest Regards, Daniel
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    Design Help Required For: ConvertNumberToDefinition Function

    Hello There, Sometime in the past year, I posted a function that converted non-decimal based string values. Like HEX "0123456789ABCDEF" and/or any other numbering definition you can think of. I have recently come across another application that requires a custom format of numbering. Bringing...
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    In dire need of help!

    My brain is not in any way allowing to me do SQL today. This is the most simple task, but I accept the fact that Mr. Brain says NO and that NO means NO! :banghead: Could I get some help with creating this query. Results: mail.id, mail.subject, mail.body, SUM(words.sentiment_score)...
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    Word Sentiment Value Tables

    Hello! I've been playing around with the Outlook.Application object, and have come to the conclusion that I would like to play with sentiment scoring emails by indexing every use of every word. The only thing I'm missing is sentiment values. So, that leads me to ask if any of you have come...
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    Query Help - Delete Then Insert

    Hello Friends! :) I have a query that is quite onerous and have decided that it can be cached rather than running every time the interface changes filters. My question is, why isn't it letting me have two queries separated by a semi colon. I've done it before, and can't figure out what's so...
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    Possible more elegant way of doing this?

    So i have developed an application that schedules lockout / kick times for maintenance / updates for our Access databases. I have a query that collects the general duration each user is spending on each application, on each day. In my efforts to gather the information, I believe I may have went...
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    DLookup with linked tables.

    Anyone have any idea as to why this wont work. I wasn't able to find any information online. I'm sure there is some but I'm a bit groggy today... The image below describes the scope of the issue. The function is called upon in the onLoad event of frmMain. Thanks! Blue
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    MySQL Head Banger :@ !!!

    Hello Follow Nerdlings :D I'm about to bash my head :banghead: off of every surface in sight if I don't figure out what I'm missing... This query: $query = 'SELECT comments.id, comments.comment, users.first_name, users.last_name ' . 'FROM comments left join users on users.id =...
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    (fun) dynamic number to decimal converter - spot errors please :d

    I've been looking into writing an access form used for hard drive analysis and came across hex values. This made me start dabbling with numbers again and came up with the following function. If you're a person that enjoys playing with numbers, could I get you to think of any scenarios where I...
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    Another Coding Performance Question (Javascript)

    My goal is to figure out which method is better performance wise. The two methods being compared are: - IF ELSE - Ternary operation = condition ? true : false Code Examples: IF ELSE if (title != "filter by name") { if(title.indexOf(searchvalue) > -1) { post.stop(true...
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    Completely Stumped! How is this happening!!!

    Hello lads & lassies! I have myself in a sticky situation. I've been assigned to do some work on this project management database that was built by numerous people in the past. I need an explanation as to why this query is capable of returning 2 of 38 """possible""" records. Query SELECT...
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    Anyone able to explain this code snippet? ++ REP UP FOR ANSWER ++

    Javascript window.matchMedia || (window.matchMedia = function() { }());
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    Start Batch file as Administrator

    I'm running into the issue where some of my batch files don't run correctly when the Access Application runs them. Batch File: FOR %%F IN ("*.prp") DO IF %%~zF EQU 0 DEL "%%F" FOR %%F IN ("*.drv") DO IF %%~zF EQU 0 DEL "%%F" start "" "%~dp0\Start.bat" I believe that this is because the For...
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    Editor issues with color change.

    I found an error when changing the color of text. To replicate the issue: Hello - Highlighted text. - Selected color change drop down. - Selected color. Hello 2 - Highlighted text. - Pressed the change color button to reuse last selected color.
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    To the intellectual programmers: if (object) question

    Though I have some intellectual understanding of programming and the computer, I have more of an intuitive understanding of how everything works together. I was wondering why, in many languages, this works: if (object) { } NOW this works sometimes. I was wondering if anyone could explain...
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    Experienced Professionals - Tips for us youngins!

    Hello, I know there are some highly experienced professionals on this forum. My questions to you is this. At what point in your life did you see a turn of professionalism and what is it that steered you that way. What came with this turn. For example a direct career path that set you towards...
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    Blue's Age poll.

    I have been wanting to get a feel for the age groups on this forum. I don't know why, but the mind thinks what the mind wants to think. lol If you don't mind, please select which age range you are in! :) EDIT: Also, this age poll is more for my knowledge of how much experience/professionalism...
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    How do you create a poll?

    Hey, I was wondering how to create a poll.
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    Found this so incredibly hilarious and true. (Playing with a new library)

    Playing with a new library.
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    Very basic Null value question

    Public Function ValidString(str) As Boolean ValidString = (Len(str + vbNullString) > 0) End Function parameter str has value = Null why is Len(str + vbNullString) returning Null I've used this method for a while now and I've never had issues with Null until now... This produceses...
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