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    Ordered query

    All hail rule #1 from all mighty @Pat Hartman It is good to follow this rule :)
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    Date string to Date

    Concure... Expr4: Mid([Installation Date1],3,2) & "/" & Left([Installation Date1],2) & "/" & Right([Installation Date1],2) In order for you to get 1119/11/19 you must have not used the above formula.... instead... Expr4: Mid([Installation Date1],3) & "/" & Left([Installation Date1],2) & "/" &...
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    Date string to Date

    250918 = 25/0918/19 Doesnt make sence! and quite honestly is impossible to boot. 11012 is possible to fix, however how does your number date work in may? 1512 or 10512? The best way to handle this situation is to make a "tblDate" that holds your numeric date in one column and the "real date"...
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    Query to find opposite records in VBA

    Fairly simple solution, to add to @MajP Have a PK in your qryTrue... then in your qryFalse you dont need all kinds of difficulties to find nulls etc.... it can simply be: Select * From sourceTable(s) where PK not in ( select PK from qryTrue ) Only troubles you may then run into may be due...
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    Access World Forums - Stats Update

    I find people want to use "high tech" and "new stuff" just because it is "better" or "newer", mostly the latter. However nothing beats a good old excel sheet or a quick access db for a nice steady fast and cheap working solution.
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    Access World Forums - Stats Update

    It makes it easy to find "real" threads that I am involved in already that have reactions that I have not seen before... Potential questions or answers from the OP .... or other ideas from fellow posters on the forum who may have other ideas or solutions than the solution I offered....
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    Access World Forums - Stats Update

    My favorite page: https://www.access-programmers.co.uk/forums/find-threads/contributed I dont post (much) in the cooler
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    Solved Combine Records

    No no no. we do not design tables with itterating columns... mon tue wed etc is an itteration of days/dates.... thus this is bad design. Instead you should desing a table that simply holds the date and time worked, preferably in a TIME and/or datetime format. Concantinating information...
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    Ordered query

    "not ideal" you mean NOT POSIBLE. Any query by its nature is a random fetch from the table(s), it will 99% of all times return the order data was entered in the table, assuming only one table is used, with joined tables all bets are off.... however even with 1 table, it is no guarantee to any...
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    This is why your primary keys in tables are always hidden from the user and always are auto-increment numbers and always are in their nature meaningless to anything but your database. At anytime you find yourself using a PK or FK for anything but this.... adding meaning to these numbers, step...
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    Add Working Days, excluding We & hols. Function is mixing dd/mm

    @Pat Hartman Pretty much what I said, or meant to say.... When using #10/15/2020# in anything that is access (that means anything sql like, including domain functions) you need to format it MM/DD/YYYY. I.e. ... where SomeDate = #" & Format(date, "MM/DD/YYYY") & "#" Alternatively for "advanced...
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    Solved Write Conflict on record when closing

    Why create a tick box to "calculate" something that can very easily be done either on the fly or can just simply be selected on the table ?? Solution: Not do it this way.
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    Add Working Days, excluding We & hols. Function is mixing dd/mm

    despite the fact that your tables "show" DD-MM-YYYY, the dates are stored as MM/DD/YYYY Or as per Pat's post actually as a double, but access by default recognizes dates as MM/DD/YYYY unless that is not possible like 15/01/2020 or 2020/01/05 This makes things confusing because sometimes the...
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    Solved Totals Yearly Query

    Major drawdown here is the fact that things are hardcoded, hardcoding things is an accident waiting to happen... much like many things in this example. Sooner or later the same logic will appear in different places, and sooner or later the logic will change ... and come more complex times come...
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    Add Working Days, excluding We & hols. Function is mixing dd/mm

    Simply replace all TempDate By format(TempDate, "MM/DD/YYYY") or if you prefer SQLDate(TempDate)
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    Solved Totals Yearly Query

    Best way to address that issue is to add a related table, to "translate" your sources into 2 sources and use the related table to pivot on. Another way is to implement a simple IIF() simular to the one @Gasman is using
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    Solved Totals Yearly Query

    TRANSFORM Count([personal Detaill new].[Client ID]) AS [AantalVanClient ID] SELECT Year([DateCompleted]) AS Expr1 FROM [personal Detaill new] GROUP BY Year([DateCompleted]) PIVOT [personal Detaill new].Source; There are a few ways of doing this, but there are so many issues here ...
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    bigint data type and system latency

    This is where your troubles start(ed), never use a meaningfull value as your primary key ! I doubt the change from int to bigint is the real problem... most likely you have linked the tables and are running a query in access.... as a result it is pulling the data to access instead of pushing the...
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    Solved Error 3061 - Too few parameters. Expected1?

    word to the wize, use a naming convention and avoid using special characters like spaces, -@#!#%^*&( and alike. Your Account-No would be txtAccountNumber Your form BRequest would be frmBrequest Your query for that form would be qryBrequest Your table for that form would be tblBrequest Etc etc...
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    had to laugh

    Classic mistake, though mistake #1 is not ... using excel.... basic mistake is to leave the data as is spread on lines. 1400 cases spread over 65000 rows roughly 50 rows per case, if the data was managed properly changing the 50 lines to 50 columns it would have allowed 65000 rows and the...
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