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    Solved Build departement query

    So i have a table ID BATCH DEPARTMENT START END 5 X 1 01-4-2020 02-4-2020 9 X 3 02-4-2020 05-4-2020 15 X 4 05-4-2020 07-4-2020 28 X 4 07-4-2020 11-4-2020 44 X 3 11-4-2020...
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    Build departement query

    So i have a table ID BATCH DEPARTMENT START END 5 X 1 01-4-2020 02-4-2020 9 X 3 02-4-2020 05-4-2020 15 X 4 05-4-2020 07-4-2020 28 X 4 07-4-2020 11-4-2020 44 X 3 11-4-2020...
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    Problems importing file into Access 2019

    Oh all mighty forum, forgive me for I have sinned. It has been 3 years 1 month 24 days since my last post *give or take a week* My google-fu has failed me for some time now trying to find a more perminant fix for this, now I find myself here after some googling send me here facing my old home...
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    Access 2016

    One of my clients is moving from Access 2013 to Access 2016. I have never yet seen Access 2016, which may become a challenge.... There have been some issues moving between versions of Access in the past, anyone know of any problems moving from 2013 to 2016?
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    Puzzle, make solid smooth objects

    So I have a collection of coordinates longitude and latitude.... From these I am trying to create a "smooth" free form, but all I seem to be able to get is crap with holes in it Even trying to sort out Up, Down, Left and Right, I seem to be getting gaps that I dont really want. When you run...
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    IE 11 && Attachement.php

    So has there ever been a workaround to be able to download attachments using I.E. 11?
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    Je Suis Charlie

    Je Suis Charlie
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    XML Import

    Anyone happen to have a (semi) generic piece of code that knows how to handle (semi) random XML files and structures, preferably creating tables and columns on the fly... Or some code that will read an XML tree and genericaly will add the data to the tables it can find? Failing that I will...
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    Cannot expand named range Office 365

    We recently upgraded office from 2010 to Office 365 and now after years of proper service, after upgrading from version to version, all of sudden my export from Access to Excel is failing. I have a number of exports to the same workbook creating worksheets. The workbook contains some other...
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    Happy Christmas and a Merry new year

    Yes my special new year's greetings (a little early) to the people and friends that frequent this forum...
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    Dutch postal codes

    I am looking for a map of postal codes in the netherlands that can be manipulated (easily) or some sort of solution using Google Maps or simular... I need to be able to make colours of the postal codes (probably in 3 or 4 didgits, no need for the letters part) Anyone has any experience in...
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    Windows 7 Enterprise && Access 2010

    Just wondering if anyone has encountered issues with the combination of Windows 7 Enterprise and Access 2010. I have several >1gig databases holding data for me on my C: and D: (Local) drives. For some reason unknown to me the system seems to keep scanning the databases without end resulting in...
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    Excel (intermediate) features

    I am trying to make a list of stuff that you can do in Excel that are quite easy to do but not known to the wider public.... Not really beginning excel users, they know what excel is for and what A1 means and how to bold/italic stuff.... But intresting stuff they may not be aware off. Some...
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    Query Efficiency (mySQL)

    I have a question regarding query efficiency in a bigger database, in this case mySQL but could be Oracle or SQL Server or whatever. I have a query which to me looks awfull.... Select Cust.CustID, Custname, ErrorNoIP.Errors ErrorNoIP, ErrorNoName.Errors ErrorNoName, ErrorNoX.Errors ErrorNoX...
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    Remove last carriage return

    OK, so I have a text file and for some idiotic reason the last carriage return needs to be removed... Please see test_bad and test_good attachments for the general idea, if you dont get it allready. I can find plenty of scripts to remove empty lines, i.e. @ECHO OFF FOR /F "usebackq delims=" %%a...
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    SSH SFTP, using Curl

    OK, so we use Curl to do a load of FTP. Now I have been assigned with making the first ever SSH connection, but I am seriously struggling getting it up and running. I having this command line and error issue... C:\Curl-7\Bin\url --key D:\Keys\PrivateKey.ppk SFTP://IPADDRESS:22 -u...
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    Running sum

    I have been looking half a day and cannot really find a proper solution... Well not quite true, I have a solution that works... but I dont like it. In Oracle you can use the sum() Partition by to create a running sum... or running count()... In SQL Server this doesnt seem possible.... :( What...
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    Creating a UNICODE text file / XML

    I am creating an XML File using Open strFile For Output As #1 Print #1, "<?xml version=""1.0""?>" However this is creating the XML in ANSI format, while I want/need Unicode... How can I specify this?? Or will I be religated to using the Docmd.Transfertext, first...
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    Crazies and Nutjobs

    what kind of crazies live in your country?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRJFL-A6mxg WARNING!! Contains shocking imigary!! This one used to live in the NL, unfortunatly he died before we could draw and quarter him... FYI: Some nutjob drove a car into a crowd at high speed on "Koninginne...
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    2003 Security issues

    I am either tired, lazy or stupid I know the solution to this, but cannot seem to find it in my friday afternoon rotting brain... One of my users is using A2003, while all others have 2002 using a db that was developed in 2002. Now on opening he gets the "you cannot open this database because...
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