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  1. jdraw

    update the id number so there is no duplicates

    Perhaps, if readers had more info on your application and understood the requirement in context, then there may be options for consideration.
  2. jdraw

    Indirectly(?) referring to an array

    How do you populate these arrays? How do you maintain it/them? If you had that data in tables, then it seems that data would be preserved between application sessions and could have a series of admin forms for maintenance. Perhaps if we had more info or sample data more focused responses could...
  3. jdraw

    Set a flag query based on false detection

    If your objective is to have employees/users see the daily safety message, then why not make that form/message part of the logon? That is, make it a byproduct of logging into the system; not a separate process. Perhaps a button to move past the message would emphasize/require the user to "read...
  4. jdraw

    finding the last record of each group

    Jimal, Here is the info in the post that could be relevant to you.
  5. jdraw

    finding the last record of each group

    Here is the link. It is in the Similar Threads at the bottom of this page. Always a good place to seek related info.
  6. jdraw

    finding the last record of each group

    Look at strive4peace's suggestion in the link I provided in post #8 above.
  7. jdraw

    Run a query based on a list of account numbers within a drop box....

    What exactly is the purpose of the query? You have a list of account numbers and with each of those you want to determine XXX? You could put those account numbers in a separate table(temp even) and then set up a query between this and other tables. BUT the bottom line is the purpose of the query.
  8. jdraw

    finding the last record of each group

    I agree with gasman's suggestion. However, since it doesn't meet your expectation, I suggest you show us a mock up of exactly what you need. See this thread for possible assistance.
  9. jdraw

    finding the last record of each group

    We need more info. Sounds like date(s) involved.
  10. jdraw

    finding the last record of each group

    How do you define "last" in your set up? Also, reports have their own Sorting and Grouping.
  11. jdraw

    Autonumber Advice

    You may get some ideas from the data models at Barry Williams' site. Here is one on Customers, Orders and Partial Deliveries. Good luck.
  12. jdraw

    Still Going...

    Welcome to the forum Mark.
  13. jdraw

    Query to find opposite records in VBA

    What is the sql of qrylkpStudentName?
  14. jdraw

    Query to find opposite records in VBA

    Post the sql of your query for readers to see.
  15. jdraw

    AITD - Am I the dinosaur?

    Welcome to AWF!
  16. jdraw

    Solved Managing times in a database

    james7705, There are several articles in different formats in the Database Planning and Design link in my signature. The videos by BA_Experts are short and humorous and hit the key points of analysis. Good luck with your project.
  17. jdraw

    Solved Remove Time Stamp From Table Field

    You could change the default value of the field to Date rather than Now. You could use an update query using the DateValue function. eg ?Now() 16-Oct-20 8:42:09 AM ?Datevalue(now) 16-Oct-20 Good luck.
  18. jdraw

    Error "trapping"

    You may get some insight from this Steve Bishop material.
  19. jdraw

    Display last Record based on person

    See the link from Gasman in this post re use of Tag in Validating form controls.
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