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  1. Ranman256

    Visablity of feilds on continuious forum

    in continuous form ALL boxes on EVERY RECORD w that name are visible (or not) at the same time. you cant have 1 line visible and the next not.
  2. Ranman256

    Update Query

    too many SET commands. (only 1 needed per query) dont use sql code, use queries. they never get syntax wrong.
  3. Ranman256

    Solved Access - INSERT INTO w/ strPath

    link the table as an external tbl run append query.
  4. Ranman256

    Date string to Date

    I always LINK my xl sheets as external linked tables. then to import , run an append query, The query can convert the field: mid([dteFld],4,2) & "/" & left([dteFld],2) & "/" & right([dteFld],2)
  5. Ranman256

    Create a new table on SQL server from a form with VBA

    No. You must alter in SQL manager.
  6. Ranman256

    Shell not displaying

    Running shell event does not keep a cmd window open. It just executes the command.
  7. Ranman256

    Move down row od text

    you dont extract data by cycling thru form rows, extract it in bulk, (to excel) via Transferspreadsheet.... (you didnt say how to extract it, and what to: excel, text...) but, you can take if from the text box: msgbox txtBox
  8. Ranman256

    Compare number of columns in Imported table from CSV with target table if are the same

    See if the col. Count matches... Currentdb.tabledefs("table1").fields.count = Currentdb.tabledefs("table2").fields.count
  9. Ranman256

    Exporting a table field as a separate standalone row (better explained with pictures!)

    Remove shipping col. From the export query.
  10. Ranman256

    Solved Colour code data entry row

    in continuous form, all rows must be the same color OR alternating colors (altcolor) a,b,a,b NOT all rows 1 color, except entry row.
  11. Ranman256


    i did in my previous post.
  12. Ranman256


    You don't paste an entire record into 1 text box, You can run an append query to copy 1 record, Or copy 1 field,then put into another field; txtBox2=txtBox1 Or SVar = txtBox1 'Move to another record, TxtBox1= sVar
  13. Ranman256

    Find all records ignoring time

    Make a base query that converts the field to pure date: DteFld Format(field,"mm/dd/yyyy") THEN do your date range in that.
  14. Ranman256

    Auto fill text boxes using SELECT query

    make a form that shows all data from a table. (usu a continuous form) then put the 2 text boxes in the form header. when user fills in the search boxes, user clicks SEARCH btn, that filters the data using the code ( CLICK event) sub btnSearch_click() dim sWhere as string sWhere = "1=1" if not...
  15. Ranman256

    SameFE, Same BE, one a qurey user works fine, another gets "data type mismatch in criteria expression"

    what about 64bit vs 32bit? both the same? what about office versions?
  16. Ranman256


    2 beats/sec = 500. Set the timer interval = 500. The event would be to change the color of a box, like a strobe. TxtBox.backcolor =vbWhite Then TxtBox.backcolor =vbRed Put in a counter to increment every second (1000 ticks) After 30 ,pause the strobe.
  17. Ranman256

    Solved Still hoping for some help with auto entries!

    1., your images are so small ,they are unreadable. do you have higher rez images? 2. the combo box should pull from a table of tTrainModules. the combo 'source type' property , set to query ,NOT values. just add the name to the table and they show in the combo box.
  18. Ranman256

    System Resource Exceeded

    When the queries get really complicated,you get that message. Simplify the query.you may need to make many simple queries as substitute.
  19. Ranman256

    Access App

    here is a Lock app. select db from list, click LOCK. users cant design, nor view code, nor see tables.
  20. Ranman256

    Best practice migrating access split database to Azure SQL

    Once the tables are linked,you can rename the table names to match the previous names.
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