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    Ban ads that rob focus from the editor

    Recently while I've been typing responses I find that the cursor disappears from the editor and I have to click on the editor to get my cursor back. This ad or ad space always seems to be present when it happens. If you close it the problem goes away. It would be nice if we didn't have to...
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    How to you create a line in a form with a positive slope

    I was trying to create a line that slopes upwards in a form for example a line that starts on the left margin 1 inch (1440 twips) down and slopes upward to a position on the top. I tried setting the properties as follows: Top = 1440 Left = 0 Width = 1440 Height = -1440 I get the error, "The...
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    Links in Emails are prefixed with HTTPS

    Starting about on December 30, 2016 the emails I've been getting from the Access World Forum have links prefixed with HTTPS, e.g. https://www.access-programmers.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=291207&goto=newpost Prior to this they were prefixed with just HTTP, e.g...
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    Warning for the inattentive

    I spent more than an hour on a post this morning only to lose it all by doing something stupid. I don't even know what I did anymore but poof my work was gone. You can lose a post by navigating to somewhere else, e.g., clicking the back button or clicking on a bookmark. Sometime I just want...
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    How large is a variant that is assigned a string value

    I was look at some code that I thought should produce a type mismatch but it didn't. A simulation of that code is: Private Sub WhatsUp() Dim X As Variant Dim Y As Double X = "A" Debug.Print VarType(X) Y = 1.79769313486231E+308 If X > Y Then Debug.Print "X > Y" Else Debug.Print "X <=...
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    Temporarily Switching Regional Settings from US to UK for Testing

    There are times I'd like to switch my regional settings from US to UK, mainly the date from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy, to test something that's meant to work with UK settings. Does anyone know if I could foul up something by doing that? Let's assume I wouldn't run any other application during...
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    Getting file sharing lock count exceeded error

    I'm trying to write some code to help the forum member on this thread. When I run the code that follows it errors on the line rs.Edit with the error message: In googling this error all I'm finding is recommendations to change the MaxLocksPerFile in the registry. I'm using Access 2013 and...
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    Limit number of Thanks

    hassanogaibi, a member for about two days with zero posts has clicked the Thanks button 1981 times. I don't want all the undeserved thanks I've been getting. Maybe the number of times a day forum members can click the Thanks button should be limited.
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    Null in DLookup Criteria

    I have an expression in a query like: PV: DLookUp("[Position_Value]","[Table2]","[Position_Date] = #" & [PD] & "#") If [PD] is Null this expression produces an error. I need it to return Null. Currently I use Nz like: PV: DLookUp("[Position_Value]","[Table2]","[Position_Date] = #" &...
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    How do you paste a control at the cursor location

    I need to move labels in my form from the detail section to the header. It would be nice if you could just drag them from one to the other, but anyway when I cut the control in the detail and paste it in the header it lands in the upper left corner. Then I have to drag it to where I want it...
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    New Forum Member Privileges

    I believe new members are not allow to upload files until they posted a certain number of messages. I suggest this policy be eliminated as it wastes the time of the forum members who contribute to this site who end up having to play twenty question to figure out a forum members problem. What's...
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    Puzzling Form Behavior When Detail Back Color is #E3E3E3

    If you open the form in the attached database nothing seem out of the normal, but if you switch to design view and then back to form view the detail background turns black; at least most of it. This form was changed from the defaults with the following: Detail Back Color was set to #E3E3E3...
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    Weird White Space Character From Excel File

    We get data from a linked Excel Spreadsheet and I found what appeared to be a space at the end of a text field in one of the records. Since that wouldn't match the existing data in our database I applied the Trim function to the field to remove the space. That didn't work. So to see what I...
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    How do you Control Bound SubForm Transactions?

    Background: I have a database in which I need to ensure that if a record exists in a certain parent table that a certain set of records exist in the child table. If a record is added to the parent table then certain related child records must be added. It's an all or nothing situation. The...
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    Implementing a Clear/Undo button on a form with a mask

    We are trying to implement a Clear button on a form, a button that would erase all entries during a record add and undo changes when the user is editing a record. The way we are current trying to do this is simply with the code: If Me.Dirty Then Me.Undo This does what we want except for when...
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    Yellow GET THE NEW OFFICE Banner

    This banner (See attached) appears on every MS Office application and apparent doesn't go away until you update office to 2016. This started appearing on my system two days ago. I google this and haven't found a solution for getting rid of this other than upgrading. Any thoughts?
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    Looking for a safe way to check downloaded databases

    I notice a statement on one of our forum member's signatures which said something like, "I don't download databases ever". I thought that's probably a safe way of doing things, but I'd find it a lot harder to help some of the posters without looking at their databases. What I'm doing now is...
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    Making the RecordsetType Property of a Report Snapshot

    I would like to change the RecordsetType of a report to snapshot. http://www.access-programmers.co.uk/forums/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=10 says in part "Changing the RecordsetType property of an open form or report causes an automatic recreation of the recordset." yet I can't find anyway to...
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    Can't even use the Search

    All I want to do is look at all of the threads that were active in the last 24 hours. I click Search, Advanced Search, and just change Find Posts From to Yesterday. When I click on Search Now I get: Please specify some words or valid user names to search on. There were no matches for those...
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    Question How do you include code in a post?

    I've seen posts with code in a box with scroll bars. This looks much better than posted code using the HTML editor that I'm currently using. How do they do that?
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