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    Database for Employee Training

    From the SwitchBoard Click on Train Matrix Click on Create Required Training Matrix Click to Enable Macros You get prompted for a password. Are you going to tell us how to get passed this?
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    Database for Employee Training

    Sorry. I don't have the password.
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    Requery a subform when another subform's control is updated

    I believe the reason why no additional cloned forms show up in the navigation pane is because there are no additional forms in the situation you describe. I believe I've simulated the situation you describe in the attached database. In this database Form1 contains f_someformname in the...
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    Passing the Variable via Forms

    Why not just get the order number directly from the table? Maybe the DMax function would work for you.
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    Multi filter referencing field on form

    You need to concatenate Me.UserName into the string otherwise it will be literally Me.UserName instead of its valued. Assuming User is a text field this would be something like: strMyLast = "Status <> 'Completed' And User = '" & Me.UserName & "'"
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    NZ Function Undefined (under certain conditions)

    Maybe not so odd. On my Office 2013 system if I double click on an mdb file it uses an access 2010 runtime rather than my Access 2013. I think which version it uses on a double click depends on how the file associations are set up.
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    Replace text in word from Access becomes bold when should not be bold

    You can pass the Word.Document object to the subroutine like: Sub msReplaceCellData(WordDoc As Word.Document, OrigText As String, ReplaceText As String, r As Integer, c As Integer) With WordDoc.Tables(1).Cell(r, c).Range.Find .Text = OrigText .Replacement.Text = ReplaceText...
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    NZ Function Undefined (under certain conditions)

    I suggest checking your references. That's in Visual Basic, Tools, References. They may not be in sync with Office 2019. I have to admire your courage. I'm still with Office 2013 with Windows 7.
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    How to run vba for another databse

    While this not a complete answer to your question you might be able to use the shell command to do this. This would open the new database. You would have to copy an autoexexec and a module to it that would do whatever you want done before doing this. Below is some code that I used to open...
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    Replace text in word from Access becomes bold when should not be bold

    I've attached a zip file with the Word Document and Access DB I used the to test this. Maybe seeing how I tested it will help you incorporate it into your code. The test code is in a the module Word Table Cell Test. I just notice that the code I posted had Tables(1).Cell(1, 1) rather than...
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    Outline of tabs disappearing

    I think it has something to do with the theme. I noticed that if you go to the properties of the tab control (TabCtl7), Format tab and change Use Theme to No the appearance of the tabs go back to more like what one would expect.
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    Replace text in word from Access becomes bold when should not be bold

    I think your answer lies in the way they are doing it in this thread https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18609963/to-find-and-replace-a-text-in-the-whole-document-in-ms-word-2010-including-tabl. In your case something like: With WordDoc.Tables(1).Cell(1, 1).Range.Find .Text =...
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    Intermitttent - "You can't assign a value..", with a bound checkbox

    I'd bet the DISTINCT part of the record source query is your problem. Access typically doesn't like to update records that are part of an aggregate although I don't know why it would complain about just this one field.
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    Intermitttent - "You can't assign a value..", with a bound checkbox

    Could this have anything to do with which record is the current record? If you scroll through the records does this occur on certain records? Also I think I'd try to isolate whether this is a form problem or a problem with the form's record set. One way to do this would be to make...
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    Only allow duplicates of certain responses but not others

    I believe this would be very difficult to implement at the table level. Access has data macros (kind of like table triggers) but I find them hard to work with. At the form level you could use the DCount function in some event to determine if the item is a duplicate.
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    One field determining the value of another field

    I suggest downloading the Microsoft VBA Language Specification which you can get here
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    One field determining the value of another field

    You could assign these values in the afterupdate event of the option group. Just test the value of the Dues and set the Memtype accordingly.
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    Cancel data entry of a record

    Maybe a button with Me.Undo might do want you want,
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    Nested query not working

    I think you need a comma after tblO.DateList and I don't think you can return two results in the same subquery. I suggest looking through the examples on this site to get started on this.
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    Transfer spreadsheet (to Excel) stopped working

    Just a shot in the dark but maybe the Excel versions being expected changed. You might poke that argument with a stick.
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