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    This new feature looks great to me! :)

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    A better date picker

    Unsure of where this should be, I generalize (Mods, feel free to transfer if you feel the need to) How would any of you go about replicating a windows-style date-picker to MS Access? I know the integrated date-picker works pretty fine, but what if I had in mind to build a date-picker where you...
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    The reason I decided to meet you all

    Got a problem here! Table Events containing ( E_Name,Start_Date,End_Date) Table Participants containing (Event_Name,Participant_Name,Arrival_Date,Quitting_Date) E_Name is a unique index for its table (Event_Name&Participant_Name) is a unique index for their table Start_Date and...
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    Hi everyone! I'm new to programming and DB's in general, wanting to learn every day. I should've started this career LOONG time ago, but I guess life had other plans until now. I signed up to learn, get tips&tricks and to share what I already know of related and not-so-related topics.
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