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    Solved Weight Conversion

    Hello All. I've got a simple table containing product data, one of the fields contains the weight and another contains what unit of measure has been used (either pounds or ounces), I'm trying to write a query that will convert the weight to kilograms but struggling with how to handle two...
  2. K

    Solved Format based Query

    Need some assistance with writing a query and honestly and I'm not even sure how to put this into words. I want the query to find records where the field isn't in a specific format. The field in question is for the location in the warehouse and has a specific alphanumeric format with an optional...
  3. K

    Solved Grouping in Reports

    In need of some assistance with creating a report. I know what I want, but not sure where to begin. I've five fields in my table (see sample data) and I would like to group by field 'SNOW' and then check the status of field 'LINE STATUS'. So for example SNOW (or order) 1, 24, 200, and 338 at the...
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    Solved Crosstab Query Date Help

    I have a crosstab query which is currently grouping the data by year (see attached screenshot). It pulls data based on a DLookUp in another table (screen shot attached). The dates in the table will always be input as a complete 12 month range. This range can start anytime in the year and will...
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    Solved Crosstab Query Parameter problem

    Hello all. In need of your assistance please. I've got a crosstab query where I want to pull the date start and end parameters from a table (TAQDate) however keep receiving an SQL statement error because it contains ambiguous outer joins. Screenshot of the query attached. I wanted to have the...
  6. K

    Monthly Consumption Query

    Good Morning and thank you for previous assistance, I'm fairly new to Microsoft Access and struggling to write a query. I have a simple table containing all issues made to the customer (sample data attached). What I'm trying to achieve is a query which displays the number of times a part is...
  7. K

    Solved CSV Import Filter

    I have a CSV file with multiple 'columns' of data I want to import into an Access table however I would like to filter which records are imported based on the contents of one field. I've attached a sample set of data to hopefully assist in explaining what I'm trying to do. In the sample data...
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