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    Looking for a youtube video

    Hi, Some time ago I found a youtube video which showed how to simulate handwriting (actually printing) with a picture of a hand, and the vba code and technique. I cannot find this video. Has anyone else seen it and know where I can locate it? Thanks
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    Solved Code syntax help

    I am attempting to create a Function that receives 2 values -- myformname and mymainformname. I am not sure of the proper syntax with the " Can anyone help? In the next line of code I want to replace CustomerF with the passed myformname value For Each c In Forms("CustomerF").Controls...
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    Solved Code Library

    I am looking for Information/examples of creating a Code Library that I can reference in Application Thanks
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    Loop through Form Objects

    Hi, I am looking for suggestions and direction, so I can develop a function to allow me to loop through my forms and change names on labels etc. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks yianni
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    Help with vba code

    Hi, I need some help with my code. The following was copied from my screen when I opened the table directly ID_fk PC ClientType 1 A REP 1 C 1 C 1 C 1 C 1 C 1 C 1 C 2 A REP 2 C 2 C 2 C 2 C 2 C 4 A REP 11 A REP 11 C 13 A REP 13 C 14 A REP 18 A REP 19 A REP 19 C 19 C 19 C 19 C...
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    What computer

    I have been having issue with my AltF11 and F8 keys. I noticed that many new laptops do not have Pause/Break key. Do you know which laptops have the necessary Keys for programming in Access?
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    Passing Variables

    I have a Dialog box that is called by a button in a subform. The dialog box allows the user to find the full path and choose a graphic file. The filepath and filename is returned to an unbound box in the dialog box. I need help in returning this path and file name to a field in the subform...
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    I am working to learn new skills in Access and look forward to being part of this Forum.
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