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    Solved Long Text in Report cuts off

    I am sure that there is something I should be doing but it is just beyond what I can remember. I have Long Text (O365 version) fields in my reports but it cuts off after what I assume is 255 characters. Both field and section is set to can grow and shrink. How do I fix this?
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    Solved Dynamically moving subreports

    I have a report with multiple subreports, one below the other. All reports are set to Can Grow/ Shrink which works fine until a report has more lines and runs over the report underneath it. Is there a way to dynamically move the location of each report based on the final size and location of the...
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    Solved Access not opening in editable version

    I was running Access 2016 and my database front ends were on my desktop in a trusted location. I could click on them and open them in editable format (i.e. not runtime). My office upgraded me to 365 (with Access) and two days later my database front ends are opening only in runtime mode and I...
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    Add new records from a filtered query

    I am not sure how I go about this. I have contracts which are listed in one table (Contracts). A contract can be affected by different regulations, depending on the industry (lets say Insurance) So, I have a related table (Regulations) on which I want to list the different regulations for each...
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    Office 365 and Runtimes

    I have developed an access database in Office 2016 and distributed it, partially successfully with 2016 runtimes (issue are security related only). My company is moving to Office 365 over the next few months or maybe longer (16000 employees take a long time to move). I want to move to 365 now...
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    Solved Runtime files and split database

    I have a database split between FE and BE with the BE on a network folder and the FE distributed to users. In distributing to a new user, he needs to link the FE/BE. To date I have VBA code that does the relink and which is initiated by the Autoexec macro. However the new users computer does not...
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    I cannot see what is wrong with this: vblUpdatedBy = DLookup("[FullName]", "tblAUsers", vblUser) The variable (vblUser) is defined as a String and picks up its value from a function (fOSUser) which give the username. It has this correctly as DKNIGHT (text). The DLookup function is finding the...
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    Records which won't delete

    I cannot delete a record from a form or a query. I thought it might be at the query level so I opened the query and attempted from there. It appears to delete fine (asks for confirmation and the record disappears) but if I requery then the record reappears. I can add new records with the query...
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    Filtering List Boxes in sync with Forms

    I want to understand if I am missing anything. My form is filtered in VBA with setting FilterOn and defining the filter (there are three variables that have to be filtered on - not all of them are present at the time of filtering). I have a list box on the form but to get it to reflect the same...
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    FilterOn where no records are returned

    I set a FilterOn on a form but in some instances this gives me no records (the filter works fine - it is just that in some instances there are no records to return). In this instance the result is that the form moves to a new record. I then check this with RecordCount (RecordCount = 0) and set...
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    Date Query

    I cannot for the life of me see what I am doing wrong here. I am using Access 2016 and filtering records for 3 months from todays date. I put in =DateAdd("m", 3, Date()) in the criteria of a query (date field) and no matter what I do it tells me that I have invalid syntax. Every site I can find...
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    New Member

    My name is David and I am a legal adviser for a large life insurance company. I am working on a Access database to capture legal information. I am self taught and not particularly skilled.
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