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    spell checker for rich text memo field bound to textbox on a subform (Access 2016)

    Hello, I would like to implement a spellcheck for a rich text memo field bound to a textbox on a subform. From what I've found, the DoCms.RunCommand acCmdSpelling command doesn't work with rich text format. Is there is anything thing else that would work with this type of text format? Thanks, Mila
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    Database corruption resolution needed

    Hello, I've made a split database (current size 157,234 KB) and it was working well, until recently it begun to crash during data import. The error it gives "Unrecognized database format...". I have several procedures in the main module that first import data to temp tables and later insert...
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    Record Selector Funtion

    Hello, I’m looking for a function that will return true or false if a record is selected with a record selector on a continues form. My intention is to select multiple records and use the output of this function to apply conditional formatting to the form. Any input on this method would be...
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    evaluate multiple records as a group

    Hello, What is the best way to return ‘no’ in a query, if all of the alleles for the same marker are less than 1000, otherwise return ‘yes’? Please see the attached example. Thank you very much, Mila
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    consolidating data with empty fields

    Hello, I would like to consolidate data in a table and write it to another table (please see the attached image). Is this possible to accomplish with a query, if so how? Thanks, Mila
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    Recordset AbsolutePosition

    Hello, I use the following subroutine to populate record number into a field on a continuous form. I've tried to put this code behind a button on the form and test it as I add more records to the form. It seems not to work well. Could someone please suggest another method? Dim rs As...
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    translating a query to vba

    Hello, How to translate the following query to vba so I can use it inside a module to open a recordset. SELECT DISTINCT ConcatRelated("id","tbl_citation_symbols","symbol like '*" & [symbol] & "*'") AS Expr1, tbl_citation_symbols.symbol FROM tbl_citation_symbols; I have tried: SQL = "SELECT...
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    append text to the end of a textbox without removing a carriage return

    Hello, I would like to append lines of text to a form bound textbox when a button is pressed. I’m using the following code to move the cursor to the end of the text and append a line. With Me.CommentTxt .SetFocus .Value = .Value & final_citation...
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    Error updating: The Microsoft Access database engine cannot open or write to the file

    Hello, I have a split database that is showing the following error message each time a user tries to import new data via VBA code. This code has been tested many times and I'm not sure what is happening. Error updating: The Microsoft Access database engine cannot open or write to the file. It...
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    control if data is saved to a table via form

    Hello, I have a form that is bound to a table. Is there a way to give user control to save the changes if a button is pressed? Right now all the changes are automatically saved. Thanks, Mila
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    split database is locked

    Hello, I've created a database, split it and distributed to 5 users. The backend is located on a share drive. I was working fine during the validation but yesterday a user alerted me that one of the forms appears to be locked for editing. This is a continuous form that is bound to a single...
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    Duplicate output in aggregate query

    Hello, I’m making a query “Max210” that should return SampleDate, InterpP210, and Patient ID from Table “tbl_Samples” for the most recent Sample Date when InterP210 is Negative. I’m getting duplicate patient Ids in query output for some reason. The db is attached. Could someone please take a...
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    Normalizing a linked table with comma delimited values

    Hello, I would like to normalize a linked table from another database. The values that I need to link to another table are in comma delimited “Value” field. Could you please suggest how to accomplish this? I’m thinking I need to create a Temp table and run code/query to normalize the table...
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    how to correct formula to accommodate null values

    Hello, The following query formula is throwing an error message when for records that don't have any values in [ExtractionTime]. ActionThree:IIf(([ExtractionTime] Is Not Null) And Nz(([ExtractionTime]>3)),"Consult technologist") What is the correct syntax? Thanks, Mila
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    removing duplicates in a query

    Hello, I'm running the following queries to concatenate values from a table. The query is working fine, however, sometime it returns duplicate values that I would like to remove. I've tried using "select distinct" with SQL statement but it gave me an error. Could someone please suggest how to...
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    how to a pass a value to vba form filter

    Hello, I'm trying to pass a value from a listbox to a filter used to filter a continuous form. Dim ALKvalue As Long ALKvalue = Me.lstRanges.Column(5, 1) Debug.Print ALKvalue 'prints out 0.2 However, I get an error when I build the filter criteria with the following statement. "Access...
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    how to generate today's date (genera format) and use it in update query

    Hello, I would like to generate today's date and time and use it in update query. When I try Dim todaysDate As Date todaysDate = Date Debug.Print todaysDate it returns 9/14/2017 but I would like to return date and time and also use it in update query. Do I need any special formatting to get...
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    carriage returns not showing up in text field(long text)

    Hello, I've transferred short paragraphs of text from Excel to Access (long text) field and displaying that field in a text-box on a form. The carriage returns (new line) are not visible in a text box, however, if I copy and paste the text into a word document the blank lines between the...
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    Find unmatched values between Memo field and Short Text field

    Hello, I have a linked table from SQL server with a “Memo” field that I need to link to a local Access table where the corresponding field is “short text”. The goal is to find unmatched values between the two fields. I’ve tried the unmatched query wizard but it does not let me link a memo...
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    Distinct values with last record

    Hello query gurus, I'm trying to display distinct rows with "gene" and "aa_change" fields next to the last "Second_Rev" field entry in table tbl_Variants. I've tried Group By and distinct so far but can't figure out how to display the "Second_Rev" field with the largest id only. The current...
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