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  1. statsman

    Conditional Formatting on multiple fields

    I am doing an NFL pool. This pool calls for each participant to select only one winner each week. If the team selected loses, the participant is eliminated. As there are as many as 16 games each week, I would like to highlight the players and teams that lost. Example: Player 1 chose...
  2. statsman

    Keeping Groups together

    I'm using Access 2007. I have a report for the players in a league. There are only 4 members per team and the data is pretty simple. Just the name, team and the games played and won. I have them grouped by team and in two columns in the report. What I would like to do is keep each team...
  3. statsman

    Open form on blank record

    Is it possible to open a form on a blank record without setting the form to Data Entry? I would like to open the form on the first available blank record, but using the record selectors, allow the user to go to other records for editing. For reasons that would take a great deal of typing to...
  4. statsman

    Delete from 2 tables on 1 form

    I am currently working on a charitable event database in Access 07. I have two tables. Patron contains the data for people who have donated in the past (name/address etc.). Donations contains the data regarding their donations (year, how much, type of donation etc.) After 3 years with no...
  5. statsman

    Date() as year only

    I am creating a football (soccer) stats keeper for a pal. I have been away from Access for awhile, but it's coming back slowly. The stats part has worked out OK, but the problems lie in in exporting the data from the stats keeper database to the archive database at the end of a season. Access...
  6. statsman

    Populate subform from combo box

    I retired a few years back and I have gotten away from Access I'm still using Access 07. I am constructing a sports league database. I have a form which will allow the operator to correct any mistakes in the data entry. It consists of a main form titled FrmTeamCorrect. In this form there is a...
  7. statsman

    Don't copy duplicates

    Using Access 07. I have a database I have been using for a few years to do our office hockey pool. In a nutshell, each participant may "draft" a team of 10 players from a list of 100 players split up into groups of 10 based on last seasons stats (you may draft 1 player from each group). This...
  8. statsman

    Re-align report

    I am using Access07 I have a report from a query that looks like this: Player1 Week1: 2 Week2: 2 Week3: 4 Total: 8 Player2 Week1: 0 Week2: 3 Week3: 2 Total: 5 What I would like is a report that looks like this: Player..........Week1..........Week2..........Week3..........Total...
  9. statsman

    Access 2007

    If you're looking for an arguement, you've come to the wrong place.
  10. statsman

    The REAL reason the Mayan calendar ends in 2012

    MINUTES OF THE MONTHLY MINISTERS MEETING MAYAN EMPIRE Third month of the sixth year of the current reign. Present: His Serene Majesty Minister of Agriculture Minister of Astrology Minister of Finance Minister of Justice Minister of Public Works Minister of Religion Absent: Minister of Defense...
  11. statsman

    Terrorist tries to blow up US Airliner

    Over Christmas, a terrorist attempted to blow up a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. It seems his bomb didn't quite work and all he succeeded in doing is burning off his testicles. The Americans have been falling over themselves with increased security at the airports and...
  12. statsman

    Limit combo box selection to field on form.

    I have a form for a sports league to update the player stats. In the form header I have the team name in a text box. In the detail section I have a combo box to list the players. The form is set to data entry. The user selects via a combo box those players who have a goal or other record...
  13. statsman

    FrontPage online database

    I have Microsoft FrontPage2000 which I learned by trial and error some time ago but haven't used much lately. I was reading that it is possible to create an online database using FrontPage. Does anyone have any comments on this system. Better still, is there a link I can use to download the...
  14. statsman

    Save new entry on form to other tables

    I have an Access 03 database I am assisting a friend with. The tables concerned are EmployeeID, Session1, Session2, Session3, Session4 and Exam. All are connected by the field EmployeeNo. It concerns mandatory training in the workplace. Each employee MUST attend all four sessions and write...
  15. statsman

    Access07 online

    I have just acquired Access07. As my first project, I have prepared an archive database of my dart league. I would like to post it online. Is it possible to do the following using the SharePoint function? When requesting the past records of a specific team or player, I have a form come up...
  16. statsman

    Search from form

    I've never tried to do somthing like this so bear with me. I am currently creating a database which tracks payment notices (tickets) issued by a private company to vehicles parked illegally on private property. One of the fields entered is the license plate numbr of the vehicle. After 10 days...
  17. statsman

    Has the recession effected you yet?

    Anyone been laid off, fired or made redundant yet?
  18. statsman

    Election Day

    The rhetoric is finished. The promises to be broken have been made. It's now up to the voters.
  19. statsman

    Bash McCain (equal time)

    We've all had our fun with the Bash Obama thread. Time for a little equal time. I'll begin: Why did McCain choose Palin? A great Republican female: cute, clotheshorse and dumb McCain made a lot of political hay out of being a Navy pilot during Vietnam, being shot down and being taken...
  20. statsman

    ASP as Static HTML

    Here is what I would like to do. A league has asked me to do up their archive online so that each individual players stats can be accessed and each individual team's stats can be accessed. The easiest way to do this would be as an ASP. Can I export an ASP as a static HTML page. It only has...
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