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    Solved Database creation suggestion

    Dear all , I need to create a Access database for the attached excel file , and i need to here your suggestions as i am not finding an efficient way of designing the table relationships :(column names will be renamed by removing space and special characters) currently i am only thought of...
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    Solved Auto increment number based on machine number coloumn

    Dear all , In my table want to auto increment the spool number based on my machine number column : i don't know how to explain this problem in depth , hence i am attaching my sample database , please help me.
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    percentage value round off

    Hello all , In my access database , i am using replace function to automatically fill the body are of my outlook while sending as below : =Replace(Replace(Replace("Please note that there is a high qty of rework found in above order where inspected qty is:|1 Rework qty is: |2 And % is:|3...
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    History column for date field

    Hello all , In my data entry from i want to have a history column which shows the previous version of change : i have done this for long text field by making the field as append only but now i want to have the same for the column having"Date type" where the table design is not sowing this...
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    App.config path not correct

    I am very new to visual studio and i am building a data entry app in it using visual studio connected to Microsoft access database (VB.NET language). But i am getting error during initial debug to check on the path like below: And I have entered the app.config data correctly like below...
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    SQL Not working

    Dear all, I have a query with the below SQL , which needs to show me the calibrated equipment for this month only. SELECT [Instruments list].[EQUIPMENT number], [Instruments list].[Calibrated on mm/dd/yy] as [Calibrated on] , [Instruments list].[Next Calibration mm/dd/yy] as [Calibration...
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    Solved Query to find count of new instruments

    Dear all, In my table instruments list I have two columns 1. Instrument received on(date type) 2. Equipment name The first column has the data from almost 6 years. But now I want a query showing the count of equipment's we received only from this year(that too in month wise). How to accomplish...
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    expression help

    hello all, =IIf(Int([Due Date])<Int(Date())&IsEmpty(Int([Completed Date]),"Overdue") I need to modify this to get the below result(I am not getting how to use of not null) 1. if due date is lesser than today's date or if completion date is empty then it should show overdue. 2. or if...
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    filtering only current month values

    Hi all , I have a query in which I need to filter only current month records , but using Month(now()) it is not filtering . Below is my SQL , can you tell me how to do this? SELECT [OT and Absenteeism by month].[Date of Entry By Month], [OT and Absenteeism by month].[Sum Of OT (hrs)], [OT and...
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    Converting number to text in messagebox

    Dear all, In my main menu form I have provided a button to check the tasks due as a reminder. In this assigned to field is coming as number , because in in my table it is of number type & it is linked to contact table to retrieve the data. So in my message box I need this number to be...
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    Form field hiding in masters

    Dear all, I have master table field where I have 21 coloumns 1 material number 2 gauge type(type name in the coloumn heading and reading will be entered in the fields) In the gauge type I have total 20 types .but each material number should only be checked using the guages specified in the...
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    Error message

    Dear all , I just downloaded a template from Microsoft access 2016 called task manager , in which if I click the button " add or manage attachments " the following error is showing , however I changed the functionality from macro to vba to manage attachments , I want to know why is this error...
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    Totals row to be permenantly added

    Dear all , I have include totals roe for my queries by using totals function at the top of the ribbon , but sometimes as soon as I close & open my database , the row has to be again added by clicking the same function on the ribbon. Is there any way to make the row stay there permanently ??
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    Code not working

    Can anyone please tell me what did I missed in the below, it is coming as syntax error. Private Sub cmdmailppm_Click() DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, "PPM table", acFormatPDF, "Sanjay.Joseph@plansee.com" & ";" & "Ramandeep.Singh@plansee.com", "Prabha.Tirupatiananthachar@plansee.com", , "PPM...
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    Solved Automate mails

    Dear all , I have a table(name:Tasks) which has 4 columns: 1. Date 2. Task 3. Status(pending/completed) 4. Responsible person(email link) I need to send a mail to everyone only once per week if the task is pending.(Mondays to be precise) Currently I am using a report which filters only...
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    Website not opening sometimes

    Dear all , Here in India , from today morning (26-02-2020) , several times I got warning saying "This page is not secure go back to your start page" But however after sometimes it is opening .Is it secure to browse or is there any problem with the website security?
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    Date formatting in moder charts

    Dear all , I have created bar charts in my report using modern chart which has 3 data : 1. Month - in X-axis 2.Sum of complaints: in y - axis 3. Type of issue - category My sql cose of the query(source data) is like this: SELECT DISTINCTROW Format$([Data for issue status].[Complaint Received...
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    Solved Multiple User error message

    Hello , I have created a database which I have placed in a common folder for entry by two user at a time . But now when the other person opened it is showing an error message as attached.(it is not having any login form )just a table & entry form and some reports.) Could anybody please tell me...
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    Best book written on VBA

    Hi all, I am currently reading "Access for dummies" & I also trying hard to write sample programmes as soon as I get to home from office(heavy workload you may say). But still I am not getting that logical perception to write out my own programmes but I can understand the programme written by...
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    round off data label's value in chart in report

    Dear all , I have made a line chart in my report & the values are in percentage , I have rounded the decimal point in my query(source data for chart) But still the chart is showing all the digits , please help me solve this .(to round off to only 1 decimal).
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