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  1. Z

    access query taking too much time

    ... i have done it before and i will do it again... my query is working fine and the only problem is time.. and i will manage it very soon... 400 million records are really hard to handle but it can be handle.
  2. Z

    access query taking too much time

    i forgot to tell that i have linked these tables so there is no 1 file ..... see the attachment screen shot
  3. Z

    access query taking too much time

    i did everything i know and then i post my problem here.... i think there is something else ... may be my computer is infected ... i tried union all and the result is same 10 min wait.... thanks anyway.....
  4. Z

    access query taking too much time

    only two field searched .. .. Subscriber No and CNIC
  5. Z

    access query taking too much time

    no SUBNO is not indexed and here it code attached in a text file .. if you do it for me .. UNION ALL and thank to reply
  6. Z

    access query taking too much time

    hi i have a mobile phone database of 20+ tables of same kind data. All these tables have more then 400 million records. all 20+ tables have 5 columns, Subscriber Number, Name, Address, CNIC, and BVS. i run this code to fetch the specific record: SELECT Telenor1.SUBNO, Telenor1.Name...
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