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    Show Custom Ribbon On User Logon

    Hi You have to learn to use the GetVisible attribute. I believe that the "Ribbon Creator 2010" have some help teaching about the GetVisible. Download RibbonGetVisible.zip example to study. http://www.ribbons-access.com/downloads.asp See also this article...
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    Custom ribbon action button not working with vba

    Sashapixie, enable reference MICROSOFT OFFICE 14.0 OBJECT LIBRARY 14.0 > Access 2010 15.0 > Access 2013 16.0 > Access 2016 IRibbonControl is a class this reference.
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    How to hide built in ribbons

    Hi PROBLEMS: Can't find a way to hide the HomeTab. Yes, but his menu will be stuck in Add_ins guide. If I recrate all my menus from scratch and move to Ribbons, is there a way to hide part of the menu, based on the user opened the App ? ie, Can I hide part of it after loading ? Yes, you...
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    How to hide built in ribbons

    Hi To have the Menu outside the Add-ins guide, you will have to keep the file in the format 2000-2003 (MDB). Here is an example of the MDB file (2003) and see the menu outside the Add-ins guide. Note: in 2013 and 2016 will be trapped in add-in guide. Use both indicated site to learn how to...
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    How to hide built in ribbons

    Hi In the Access Options> Current Database> uncheck: - Allow full menus - Allow internal toolbar See this article. This in Portuguese, use google translator. http://www.usandoaccess.com.br/dicas/carregar-menu-guia-suplementos-ribbon.asp?id=1&idlista=10#inicio Note: This method does not...
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    Ribbon not appearing in 2010

    Hi I tested here with this structure and it worked. <customUI xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/2006/01/customui"> <ribbon startFromScratch="true"> </ribbon> </customUI>
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    Ribbon not appearing in 2010

    Hi Copy and paste here your XML You are using the USysRibbons table or a common table (tblRibbons)?
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    Dynamic RibbonXML

    Hi follows the example file - Note the use of INVALIDATE through the event "after update" group options. - Note the fncGetVisible () function changing the grp3 group Public Sub fncGetVisible(control As IRibbonControl, ByRef visible) On Error GoTo fError Select Case control.Id Case...
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    Dynamic RibbonXML

    Hi What is your version of Access? I'll give you an example, which will control the Group Department of your Ribbon, using the getVisible attribute. <group id="grp3" label="Departments" getVisible="fncGetVisible" >
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    Custom Ribbon with just Print Preview

    Hi Use the command docmd.ShowToolbar "ribbon", acToolbaryes In the "opening" event of her report and the docmd.ShowToolbar "ribbon", acToolbarNo command, In the event closing. Learn to customize ribons this two sites: http://www.ribbon01.com http://www.accessribbons.com
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    Dynamic RibbonXML

    Hi You must use the attributes get's (getVisible, getEnabled, ...) to change your ribbon dynamically. Paste here the XML of your ribbon. We wait
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    Ribbon hiding!

    Hi What is your version of Access? One solution is to create a custom ribbon that allows configuring BACKSTAGE, the FILE tab
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    video materials database (urgent)

    Hi Use the SaveToFile method to extract video from your attachment field. Use the extracted file in the url https://msdn.microsoft.com/pt-br/library/office/ff191852(v=office.15).aspx
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    Reports Context Menu

    Hi In the article below has an image for viewing a macro mounted in Access 2010. Download the sample file, and study the macro used. http://www.usandoaccess.com.br/tutoriais/criar-menus-de-atalho-com-vba-ou-macro.asp?id=1#inicio
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    Can you put a custom button on the QAT

    Hi ... <!-- ***TAG QAT***--> <qat><documentControls> <button idMso = "PublishToPdfOrEdoc" label="PDF"/> </documentControls></qat> ... OR ... <!-- ***TAG QAT***--> <qat><documentControls> <button id = "btPublishPdf" imageMso = "PublishToPdfOrEdoc" onAction = "=fncPublishPdf()"/>...
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    Reports Context Menu

    Hi https://support.office.com/en-US/Article/Create-custom-menus-and-shortcut-menus-by-using-macros-5bd538ff-19c4-4dfe-9540-3309aebf8a1a
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    Hello from Brazil!

    Cesar, Welcome !. You will find here a lot of people willing to help. My tip is that you visit the following site from Brazil: http://www.usandoaccess.com.br/tutoriais.asp#inicio
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    Disable navigation pane, not just minimize/hide it

    Hi Why not just change the extension ACCDB to ACCDR ?
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    Button to go to desktop from form

    Or Application.FollowHyperlink "C:\Users\" & environ("UserName") & \Desktop\"
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    Question Custom Toolbar

    Hi If you want learn how customize ribbons, check these two sites as reference: http://www.ribbons-access.com http://www.accessribbon.de/en
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