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    How to fix report header repeating

    Dear team, I keep getting repeated report header content whenever the detail sections iterate with a return value from the database. Many thanks.
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    Unable to resolve report page break issue.

    Good day team, Please i need help on how to resolve an issue on my report. The report querry is coming from a querry generated from main and subform. The report page fails to break in to another page whenever the data value generated from the subform is more than 10, it rather start numbering 11...
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    How can one host access database?

    Is it possible to host access database on my cpanel..please any guide will be appreciated.
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    How to create auto generated random numbers

    Any macro or vba codes to generate random numbers for students pin?
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    Databack backup script

    Hi Please i need VBA script for my database backup. Thanks
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    Issue with access subreport page break

    Hi everyone. My subreport in main report was generated from a subform and it works fine except that it does not create a page break whenever the data value gets to 10 or more it will start displaying new that on top of the existing instead of moving records to new page. Kindly assist please...
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    Hi from Nigeria

    Hi everyone! I am an amateur access programmer Soap
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