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    Win 7 is dying, and I think Microsoft has upped the morphine drip.

    To be honest, I'm still using Win 7 on my computer that I bought in 2012 and everything's still working great! That said, with my luck things will start to crash as soon as I post this message...
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    Fitness Tips in this time of Pandemic

    Use YouTube. There are millions of videos there for all kinds of workouts that you can use based on your fitness level, what you enjoy, the amount of time you want to spend exercising, what equipment you have and so on. You just click play and follow along.
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    Horrors - gimmie some!

    That is an interesting analysis! I saw both of them and my thought is that you will NEVER match Jack Nicholson's performance in the first one. Every scene is so perfect and just messes with your brain and there are endless articles analyzing the ending. Stanley Kubrick was just such a master...
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    remover ribbons

    Note to all: This is actually a cross-post from another forum. His situation is that he got an open-source Access application that came with a ribbon created with Monta Ribbon. He wants to remove that existing ribbon and replace it with his own. I suggested that he download the Monta Ribbon app...
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    Seja bem-vindo! Lembre-se que a gente aqui fala apenas ingles; quase ninguem fala portuguese. Poderia tentar Google Traductor?
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    remover ribbons

    Oi, cara! Eu ja tentei ajudar. O que aconteceu? Nao deu certo...?
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    This is interesting because for the past two years I've been disabling leasing and that seemed to address the bug. However I have noticed over the past few weeks that I'm getting multiple calls per day to bail the database out of corruption - all split databases, all in an "inconsistent state"...
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    Hello from Toronto

    Welcome! You've come to the right forum for Access help. I'm in Toronto as well. Cheers
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    64-bit replacement for Lebans rich-text control (rtf2)?

    According to the FMS site, a 64 bit version is under development: http://www.fmsinc.com/MicrosoftAccess/memo.html I don't know if that's still the case or if they just haven't updated the site. A few posters have asked what the motivation to convert the RTF control when converting a project...
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    Gmail to stop using SMTP for authentication

    Ok, I just got confirmation from G suite. OAuth will be the only option in February. That rules out two-step authentication using App Passwords. My next approach is going to be to look into Chilkat. They have OAuth support for Gmail...
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    Back End Crashing

    Is the power setting on the network card set to turn off when idle? That's a pretty common setting and can be similar to yanking your LAN cable out while Access is connected to the database. You can check from the Device Manager > Network Adapters and then find your card and click the Power...
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    Welcome to two new Moderators!

    What a great decision! Both are excellent assets to the forum. Best wishes to Colin...
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    ADF Scanner in Access

    @alihussain : I have the report open in preview mode. The report has code in it that sets the source of the image to the scanned .jpg. It then exports the report as a PDF
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    ADF Scanner in Access

    I've done that and it almost works, with just one problem. Access reports where the content of the report goes too close to the margin will force a second page on SOME printers. In other words, if I want to size the image control to pretty much fill the page, it will look great on some printers...
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    Graph DBs vs. Relational DBs

    Funny you should be posting about this today. I don't happen to have any experience with the topic but just yesterday I came across this information and it intrigued me: https://neo4j.com/developer/graph-database/ If you haven't seen it then maybe it will be helpful. Cheers
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    Solved Protect BypassKey by password

    The way I do it is that my startup form looks for a small text file somewhere on the hard drive. If it's there, then it allows the shift bypass, if it's not then is disables it. That way the shift bypass only works on my own computer (or any computer I choose) without my having to enter a...
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    Gmail to stop using SMTP for authentication

    Colin: I looked in your help doc. The two methods listed are: using less secure apps and App Passwords. As discussed in previous posts, using less secure apps doesn't work anymore for accounts that didn't turn it on prior to June 15 and will be discontinued in February anyway. However, do you...
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    Excution Very Slow...

    - If you have a split database, do you have a persistent connection to the back end? - Have you turned off Subdatasheets? - Have you turned off Autocorrect? All of these make a huge difference in speed.
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    Amaral - [mod edit: no link drops from new members please]

    Oi, Amaral. Seja bem vindo. A maioria das pessoas aqui fala inglês. Porém, gosto de seu site.
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    Access, Access Database on Mac or Android ?

    Thanks for the links, CJ_London. I've been receiving several calls a day for the past week from clients who want to access their Access application from home, as their physical office is either shut or will be shut down soon for obvious reasons.
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