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    Subform Only Showing Last Group Record

    I have one query that the main form is based on and another query the subform is based on. I linked the subform to the main form by a common field "Branch" My main form displays Grouped Employee overhead totals based on Branch Example: Branch 1 Employee overhead cost...........15,000.00...
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    Report field question

    Add textbox to show Max subtotal??? See PDF example... How can I get Employee Billy Johnson to show on one line with a total of 1.25? (0.5 + 0.75 = 1.25) I need to merge the two lines and only show something like this: Division Manager Billy Johnson $44,174.60 1.25 I don't know if this...
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    Syntax Error ( missing operator)

    Can anyone figure out why I am getting this error? I have attached a piece of my DB to this post. I compared it to other like forms but I am not experienced enough to figure this out.. Thank you for your help Lynda
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    Extra Space Between Detail and Subform(in footer)

    The first report example is what I get when I start on the main form and select an organization, run the report, opens report - BIG SPACE between the details and my footer section which holds a subform. The second report is what I need it to look like, what's strange to me is I get the report...
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    Problem with IIF Expression in access 2010 report

    My report is run from the main form: The user selects a branch and clicks a button that runs the report for the branch that was selected. The report contains employee cost information and the employee's role. In the header section of the report I created a text box with the following...
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    Tab Control, Switchboard, or Navigation Form?

    I have a database for future budget predictions. I have built the following: Form that you can choose a branch which displays the branch expense category and details (branch category would be office supplies and details would be Paper, Pens, White Board Erasers....) Form that you can choose a...
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    Form, Subform, and Combo Box

    Can anyone tell me if what I want to do is possible? I have attached a portion of my database. if you go into the form called frmtest, select a branch from the very top drop down, select a detail and click the Edit button. I can't figure out how to have the information populate all the fields...
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    Hi from Blanchard, OK

    Hi fellow members, I am a project manager that use to be a functional analyst. I dabbled a little in Access years ago. I need to create an access database and thought I'd join this forum after finding in during a search for answers... Glad to be here Lynda
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