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    Vertical Scroll bar disappears when in "modal" view

    Hi, I have a form that has several subforms on it and when I open it in a modal view, the vertical scroll bar disappears. It is there if I take it out of modal, but I really want to be able to use the modal feature. I hoping to have the program act as an app that the user doesn't see any of the...
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    Trouble displaying date with no year.

    Hello, I am having trouble getting a date formatted correctly. I just want the mm/dd to show in parenthesis. ie: (3/9) It was working when I created the text boxes, but when I went to display the forms it didn't work. In the control source, I am using a temp variable "TmpStartDate" and...
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    How to select certain records in a query to print

    I have a cut down version of my database that focuses on only the problem at hand. Still too big to attach, but I have a google drive link to download the database. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a_HL1137PP5ChK_A4izQNOWPy_4UCemK/view?usp=sharing If you open the AchmntProgress form and...
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    Creating a chart in Access form

    Hello again guys, This is kind of a continuation of another thread but wanted to start fresh. I have created a form with a chart that shows the Planned and Actual values of Actions throughout the 12-week plan. I linked a combo box to the chart to see the different actions. This alone took...
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    Adding text to a query field under certain condition.

    I have a field named action and there are sometimes actions with the same name, but different indexes. I would like to add the words "Start Time" to actions that have an index between 200 and 300. I tried something like this --- IIf(PlanAndActPointUNION.Action between 200 AND 300...
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    Crosstab Query with two values

    Hello, I am trying to create a crosstab query that has two values under the cross tab columns. I am attaching an excel file that shows what I am looking to accomplish. The first sheet has the data and how it comes up in the query I made and the second sheet shows how I am hoping to get the new...
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    Creating a Stacked Column Chart

    I have a query that has the "UserId", "WeekNumber", "Action", "Planned", and "Actual" as columns. I need a chart for each action that compares the "Actual"(Days Performed) against the "Planned"(Days Performed). The Y axis would have 1 - 7 for Days of the week and the X axis would have the Week...
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    Conditional Formatting in Multiple Record subform

    Hello, I have a subform that has two sets of Yes No checkboxes. The second set of checkboxes doesn't need to be used unless there is a tab reference in the record. My wish is to have the boxes set that you can only check yes or no, not both. The other wish is to have the checkboxes disappear...
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    Creating a Form and Report from Multiple tables

    Hello Guy's I have another challenge to accomplish and could use some help. I attached an excel document that mimics the form and report I need to create. (I made it pretty clear where the data was coming from). The data is coming from a few different places. Points table...
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    How to hide the Main Acces UI

    I made this database and was hoping I could just open it and only see the forms pop up, no access UI. Is there a quick easy way to do this, or does it take tons of code?
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    Scroll bar not appearing

    I am stumped. I have a form "Mon_Reporting_Form" that is not able to scroll because there is no vertical scroll bar. I have remade the form, thinking it has become corrupt, but no change. It seems to work sometimes, but mostly not. Of course, I have checked the properties and the vertical...
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    How to show a running balance in my Grouped Report

    Hello guys, I have a database that is used for the treasurer of a group. Everything is working well with the exception of the reports. I have the report grouped by month and would like to have a running balance in the footer of each grouping(month). Right now it only gives the amount total...
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    Creating a Dynamic Query to populate a View and Report

    Hello, again guys I'm working on this treasurer's database. I want to be able to enter transactions with a form, which I already made, create a view(form) and report of transactions in any range of dates. User will push a button to choose a view or report, then takes them to a popup where you...
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    How to have a running total balance in my table?

    Hello, I have an "amount" field and a "balance" field in my table. I created a form to add transactions. I would like the form to have the previous balance show when a new record starts and change according to the amount entered (amount + balance) I'm sure there is an easy solution for...
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    Sorting a Crosstab query

    Hello all, So I decided to start a new thread since my problem is very different then what it was. In the project I'm working on I have one query that gets all the actions I need and then I have a crosstab query that is used in a form and a report. Query1 SELECT UserID, FullName, WeekNumber...
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    Duplicates in Query result

    Hello, I need to create a form that shows all the actions that have been chosen for each week. I am hoping to have all the actions for the first week in the first column and a column for each week's number up to 12. The only thing in the week field will be an "X" if they have chosen that...
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    Hiding checkboxes depending on the value of another field.

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to put this one out there again. I have daily forms for the week and they have actions that need to be marked off with checkboxes. Depending on the value of one of my other fields, I want to hide or lock a couple of checkboxes. If I could even gray them out or...
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    Scrollbar appears a record early

    Hi Guys, I have a subform that will increase in width when the number of records reaches 8. When it gets wider the scrollbar also appears. This problem is that I don't actually need it to get wider until the record count is 9, but the scrollbar appears at 8. If I change the VBA to accommodate...
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    Using an If statement for every record in a subform

    I used the following code and It locked my field, but for whole subform, not each record. How would I go about doing this. If IsNull(Me.Tab1.Value) Then Me.StartTimeChallengeYes.Locked = True Me.StartTimeChallengeNo.Locked = True Else Me.StartTimeChallengeYes.Locked = False...
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    Accessing and manipulating sub-form information with VBA

    Hello again, I am working on a point system for items that are checked off in a form. I have five separate subforms within the one daily form and point totals on the bottom. What would be ideal is if when a checkbox is checked it adds one to the appropriate totals field. So here is some...
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