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    Auto Outlook send

    Hi, I need to send a number of outlook emails but each email get 'Deny Allow' message. Is there a way to avoid this message? my code With olMail .To = CEmail .Subject = vs1 .Body = mm .Attachments.Add "G:\Login Email Instructions.pdf" .Send End With Regards Peter
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    Remove LF or CR from end of line.

    Hi, There is something at the end of my fields (but only some so I cannot use mid ()) and it's not a space as was thinking it maybe a LF and/or CR. Can anyone tell me how to remove LF or CR from end of line with vba. Thanks Peter
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    Move down row od text

    Hi, How do you move down a text box on a form that looks like. ASCjkhjkhc ghgshjg hjjkhkjkjkhh jhhjhjhjkhkhj ghghgkjhjk and I need to move down each row and extract data. Also how do you find the end of the row so I can use the mid() function. Thanks Peter
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    VBA DoCmd.SendObject

    Can someone give me the vba code to send a pdf file that is on my drive to email address. Currently have below for just sending emails. DoCmd.SendObject , acSendNoObject, , strEmailAddress, , , "Welcome to the Outreach!", mm, True but not to sure on attaching a pdf as an attachment. Thanks Peter
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    Alpha in string

    Hi, I have had a strange request for a database I am writing. We have a string field for a phone number so we can keep the '0' at the beginning of a mobile number. However some people are adding land lines with words such as 'ext' etc. My question can I search for alpha in an alpha string so I...
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    Locate edit and update record.

    Hi, Can you help. I currently have two tables one that I need to update and has 4000 records and another table with 60 records that has data I need to update the first table. I currently loop thu the first table and dlookup on the second and if found update the record. To do this I need to loop...
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    Import excel format

    Hi, I have an issue with the DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport command. One of the import fields is a phone number which has all kinds of numbers such as 03 87698076, N/A, as well as mobile 6756434546 (majority). It appears it read the data as numeric and drops all data that is not numeric or...
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    Read fiirst line excel spreadsheet.

    Hi, I have an issue where I need to import an excel sheet and then query the table. However they keep changing the headings of the spreadsheet and I then need to change my vba code. I was thinking if I could read the first line of the spreadsheet (which has the field names), then use this...
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    SQL Driver for MS Access

    Hi, Still trying to work out connecting ms access front end to sql back end. Seems I need to add an sql connection to my win10 pc. When I go there there are 3 options. (see attached) Can you tell me which one is best to use or are they used for different applications? Thanks Peter
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    Ms Access - SQL

    Hi, I am thinking of splitting my ms access so I have a ms access front end and sql on the back end, is this possible, and if so can anyone direct me to a youtube or web that explain how to do it in simple terms. I have my own hosting and know my way around it. Thanks for amy help. Peter
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    Change field names

    Hi, I have another issue for you. I am importing an excel spreadsheet into a table. The issue is that in the first 2 rows of the spreadsheet they have merged some columns and rows so I cannot use them as headings. However in the access table they appear a two rows. What I need to know is there a...
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    Long time user.

    Hi, I have been using Accessworld for sometime and thought I would introduce my self. I started using Borland database many many years ago and then switched to Access. I have worked in the IT world all my life and are now retired. Looking back I think I started using database because I think I...
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    MS Access v SQL

    Hi, I am after some advice. I am writing an ms access database for a charity, not to complicated or many users (5 at most), my question is I want to put it online and want some advice on my options. I plan to just move the database to a cloud storage and give access to the users, or should I...
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    Hi, I have written a database for a local community house that run courses for locals. I now need to account for convid19 in that if someone has attended a course I need to be able to identify all the people they came in contact with. I have attached a database with the 3 main table to give an...
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    Excel upload to Google maps

    Hi, I have just discovered you can upload an excel spreadsheet with multiple addresses to Google maps and it will flag each address. I can export the data from Access but does anyone know how to automate uploading to Google maps. Peter
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    Multiple flags for Google maps.

    Hi, I have just watch a youtube video () where you can upload, manually, into Google maps from an excel spreadsheet that will flag a number places on Google maps. My question has anyone done this from MS Access. Maybe export the excel and run from there. Any ideas. Peter
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    TemplateFile SendObject

    Hi, Can someone explain what a TemplateFile as the last object in the Sendoject function is. If it can be used as the body of an email can you explain how to create and use it. Thanks Peter
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    Hi, Has anyone managed to use airdroid with access to call or send SMS? Thanks Peter
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    Google Maps and Earth

    Hi Can anyone give me the vba code for getting google maps and earth (different buttons) in a browser from Street,suburb,state and post code fields. Thanks Peter
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    Hide Field on rows

    Hi, How do I hide a row field based on another field in the row. When the field has "Team Leader" I need to make visible and hide the [P] button on all the others. Thanks for any help. Peter Please see te
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